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Concord University Students To Present Horror Film

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ATHENS, W.Va. – Members of Concord University’s Advanced Media Production class will be premiering their short film “Vengeful Soul” on Dec. 2 at 7 p.m. in the Nick Rahall Technology Center Room 304. The film tells the story of a young tormented social outcast who makes a deal with the devil. One by one, the people around him start mysteriously dying.


These students have been working on the project all semester, overseen by Mr. Robert Hoffman, assistant professor of Communication Arts & Media. “The students have poured their passion into this project. I look forward to seeing the final cut of the film,” says Hoffman.


Joe Faidley, senior Communication Arts major, wrote the script for the film. “A lot of my inspiration comes from old horror movies,” he states. “I’d love for everyone to take a short break from the stress of finals to be entertained for a bit.”


Faidley also screened a production of his last fall titled “Seized,” an extraterrestrial horror film. “I learned a lot since my last film,” he said. “The theory is, the more you do, the better you’ll be the next time. Practice makes perfect, so to speak.” He hopes to someday “be able to entertain people and perhaps earn a living doing [film].”


Campus-wide auditions for roles in the film were held earlier this semester. The majority of the parts in the film were filled with Concord students.


There is no admission charge to attend. For additional information contact Lindsey Akers at or 304-384-5302.




Lydia McGee wrote this press release. She is a Communication Arts and Media major.


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