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ATHENS, W.Va. – Ohio University assistant professor in volcanology Dr. Dawn C.S. Ruth will speak at Concord University on Friday, Nov. 16. Her presentation will be from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. in Room 400 of the Science Building. The lecture title is “Open questions about open vent volcanoes: Building conceptual models through case studies of Llaima and Mayon volcanoes”. The community is invited to attend this free lecture.


Dr. Ruth specializes in the processes that take place in magmas and what happens when they erupt at the Earth’s surface. She studies the chemistry of magmas and the crystals they contain to discover clues about the materials which feed volcanoes and the timing of magma processes. To gain further insights, Dr. Ruth compares samples of natural volcanic rocks (such as pumice and ash from explosive eruptions) to computer simulations and to artificial samples made in experiments. She also integrates these types of information with measurements of volcanic gases and volcanic earthquakes to develop a more complete picture of what goes on beneath active volcanoes. She may be followed on Twitter as @rockdoc11.


The Nov. 16 lecture deals with volcanoes that have persistent, long-lived activity – i.e. they erupt frequently over a span of multiple years. Their type of activity can change rapidly, however, potentially increasing hazards to nearby populations. Dr. Ruth will discuss the timing and nature of magmatic processes at both Llaima volcano in Chile and Mayon volcano in the Philippines. From there she will discuss a conceptual framework and unanswered questions about these types of volcanoes that are both beautiful and dangerous to human populations.


For additional information on Dr. Ruth’s upcoming visit to Concord, please contact Dr. Stephen Kuehn at or 304-384-6322 or Dr. Janine Krippner at or 421-620-8887.



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