Graduate Programs

Welcome to Concord University’s Graduate Studies, dedicated to professional preparation and advancement. This website presents an overview of the graduate program(s), as well as detailed information about individual programs and how to apply to the University. You will find policies and procedures of the graduate program(s), admission requirements, and any additional information of importance to help guide you through your educational needs.

The mission of the Professional Education Unit for Teacher Education at Concord University is to prepare professional educators who are informed and thoughtful decision-makers capable of teaching a wide array of students and specializations in culturally diverse settings. The Professional Education Unit strives to provide all teacher candidates the knowledge and skills necessary to become effective teachers by offering the highest quality instruction and programs utilizing all available resources efficiently and effectively. The Graduate Program strives to further develop and enhance the knowledge base of the practicing professional. As individuals progress though the graduate curriculum, the improvement and refinement of professional knowledge bases, reflective analysis of practice, and judgment making capabilities are enhanced and refined.

The Professional Education Unit collaborates with representatives from public schools, professional groups, government, and other programs within the University to prepare educators and to cooperate in the development of educational policies. The Professional Education Unit also strives for the improvement of education at the local, state, regional, and national levels in that the improvement of schooling results in a more literate and enlightened citizenry. This in turn contributes to the proliferation of democratic values and enhances our position in the global economy.

In the summer of 2002 Concord was granted approval for the offering of graduate courses on a limited basis. Full approval of the graduate program was granted in August, 2003. The development of a graduate program was in alignment with the overall mission to serve southern West Virginia and to provide a quality program for the practicing professionals in the region. Currently, Concord University offers two Graduate Studies Programs focused on Education, Master of Art in Teaching and Master of education. For more information on these programs, please reference the link below.

Thank you for your interest to pursue your advanced degree at Concord University.