MAT Curriculum Summary

For information regarding course descriptions, please consult Concord University’s Course Catalog. The Master of Arts in Teaching Program is a 36 hour program. 

Professional Education Core

  • EDUC 510 Models of Curriculum and Instruction 3 hrs.
  • EDUC 520 Educational Research 3 hrs.
  • EDUC 530 Integrating Technology in the Teaching/Learning Process 3 hrs.
  • EDUC 540 Assessment & Evaluation in Education 3 hrs.

Curriculum and Instruction/Pedagogy

  • EDUC 505 Advanced Teaching and Learning (3hrs) (Clinical 25 hrs. Field Experience)
  • EDUC 516 Integrated Methods in Secondary Education (3hrs) (Clinical 25 hrs. Field Experience)
  • EDUC 555 Classroom Management (3hrs) (Clinical 15 hrs. Field Experience)
  • RDNG 520 Reading and Writing in the Content Area (3hrs) 
  • SPED 503: Legal and Historical Foundations of Special Education 3 hrs.
  • SPED 509 Strategies for the Inclusive Environment (3hrs) (Clinical 25 hrs. Field Experience)

Supervised Student Teaching

  • EDUC 556 Supervised/Directed Teaching (6 hrs) (16 weeks)

For PreK-Adult Certification Areas (only):

  • EDUC 517 Integrated Methods in Elementary Education* (3hrs) (Clinical 25 hrs Field Experience)

* NOTE: Candidates obtaining a PreK-Adult licensure, such as Music, Art, and Physical Education, are also required to take EDUC 517 Integrated Methods in Elementary Education to comply with WV Policy 5100. Additionally, clinical experiences will be conducted in age/grade/content appropriate classrooms as required by WV Policy 5202 and the West Virginia Professional Teaching Standards (WVPTS).


Master of Arts in Teaching Progression Sheet