Graduate Clinical Experiences

Student Teaching

Student teaching (Supervised Directed Teaching)  is a 16-week, intensive (full-day), professional experience arranged and coordinated by the Coordinator of Clinical Experiences in the Department of Education at Concord University. Student teaching is a full time professional experience.Teacher candidates should not enroll in extra coursework, or engage in extra-curricular activities which interfere with student teaching. Exceptions to this must be approved by the Coordinator of Clinical Experiences. Candidates complete student teaching assignments in PreK-Adult public school(s) located in counties in proximity to the University, as well as required seminars offered at the University.

Candidates apply for admission to student teaching by the end of the fourth week of the semester preceding the semester in which student teaching is planned, as well as submit a Student Teaching Placement Request Form. Candidates will be notified by letter of their eligibility. Additionally, all candidates must attend a mandatory placement meeting held the semester prior to student teaching. Placement meetings are held on the last Wednesday in September and the last Wednesday in February. All teacher education candidates are required to purchase LiveText Field Experience Module in order to successfully complete all evaluations, assessments and time-logs associated with Student Teaching.

*Note: Candidates not meeting application deadlines, and/or admission criteria will be denied student teaching and may reapply the following semester.  Candidates may appeal this decision through the Director of Teacher Education.

Early Field Experiences

Early field-based experiences are included in most MED and MAT Program courses. Early field experiences vary in the number of hours required, and assessments that must be completed.

Students must submit placement request and/or placement verification forms at the beginning of each semester in order to be assigned a field placement. Students must also complete all required hours and assessments by the end of each semester. Each student will be assigned a mentor which will serve as a guide throughout their early field experience. All MED and MAT candidates are required to purchase LiveText Field Experience Module in order to successfully complete all evaluations, assessments and time-logs associated with their Early Field Experience.

* Note: Observation hours for one course cannot be used to satisfy hours for another course. 

MED and MAT courses with an early field experience include, but are not limited to: 

Course Number of Hours
EDUC 505 Advanced Teaching and Learning 25 hours in content area
EDUC 516 Integrated Methods in Secondary Education 25 hours in content area
EDUC 517 Integrated Methods in Elementary Education 25 hours in content area
EDUC 555 Classroom Management 25 hours in content area
EDUC 556 Supervised Directed Student Teaching Student Teaching
EDEL 500 Public School Administration 20 hours in an elementary school
EDEL 550 Action Research/Internship I 107 on-site internship
EDEL 560 Action Research/Internship II 108 on-site internship
EDEL 570 Organize and Manage Public School 20 hours in a high school
EDEL 580 School Law 20 hours in a K-12 setting
EDEL 590 School and Community 20 hours in a middle school
RDNG 570 Reading Practicum Summer Camp
SPED 503 Legal & Historical Foundations of Special Education 25 in a SPED classroom
SPED 509 Advanced Strategies for the Inclusive Environment 25 in a SPED classroom
SPED 516 Methods for Teaching Students with Autism 25 in a SPED classroom
SPED 555 Advanced Strategies for Special Education 25 in a SPED classroom

NOTE: Course Descriptions, number of hours and early field experience description subject to change