Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Erma Byrd Higher Education Center?

    The Erma Byrd Higher Education Center is the state's first higher education collaborative and is critical to the continuing growth of an educated citizenry in southern West Virginia.  The Center represents the first initiative in the creation of a Higher Education Hub on University Drive (in Beaver, WV) whereas one can drive to a single location, explore several different college and university degree program options, enroll in a program, and complete a degree.  

    Complete undergraduate and graduate degree program options are available through Bluefield State College, Concord University and Marshall University and range from an Associate's degree up to and including a Master's degree.  The University Drive Higher Education Hub will become home to New River Community and Technical College's Raleigh County campus in January 2015. Whether you are looking to reduce college costs and complete a degree close to home; or, are simply in need of conference and meeting rental space, the Erma Byrd Higher Education Center is the right place for you!

  2. What are your hours of operation?   

    Center hours of operation can be viewed by clicking here.  Please note that Center hours may vary during holidays, summers and inclement weather.  Saturday hours vary depending on class offerings.  Center and Library hours of operation are the same.
  3. Are my classes held on site at the Center?

    Classes are held at the Center. Occasionally, classes may be held at the main campus of respective institutions, but the vast majority of classes are offered here. 

  4. Where do I go to enroll for classes or register as a student?

    Students should visit the respective office of the respective school (within the Center) in which he or she is interested in attending for enrollment.  Each student will work with the Admissions and Financial Aid Offices of their respective institutions to process enrollment.  Contact information for each residential college and university is as follows:

  5. Is my degree just like the degree of an on-campus student?

    Yes. Your degree is just like that of any on-campus student attending the respective institution in which you enroll.  The Erma Byrd Higher Education Center is an additional site in which your respective institution resides and does business.

  6. My work and family life keeps me pretty busy leaving little time to come to class; as a result, do you offer online degree programs? 

    The Erma Byrd Higher Education Center (EBHEC) serves as an “access point” for students enrolled in online programs at partnering institutions (Bluefield State College, Concord University and Marshall University).  Learn more about online degree programs by clicking here.

  7. Is parking readily available?

    There is parking at the West End of the Building and additional handicap parking is reserved for the front of the building.  Parking lots are designated with signs that read Erma Byrd HEC Student Parking ONLY and Erma Byrd Faculty and Staff Parking ONLY.  Students are to park in the designated area of the parking lot(s).  Parking is FREE.

  8. Is the Erma Byrd Higher Education Center a safe place to take classes?

    Yes. We pride ourselves in having a well-lit facility complimented by security cameras and onsite security officers. Upon request, security is available to escort you to your vehicle.

  9. Is there internet access and/or wireless for my laptop?

    The Center has wireless internet access that students may use for educational purposes.

  10. What is the tuition rate?

    Each of our partnering institutions charge tuition based upon their schools’ policy. Check with the partnering institution that you wish to attend for their current tuition rates.

  11. How do I know what classes are being offered and when?

    Students should visit their respective office of the respective school (within the Center) in which they are attending for advising and information regarding class offerings.

  12. How do I apply for financial aid?

    Students should visit the respective office of the respective school in which they are attending for information regarding financial aid.

  13. Can I take classes and work full-time?

    Absolutely! We currently offer day and evening classes and have a few on Saturdays.

  14. Do you have a library?

    Yes. The Library is open 5 days a week during the academic year and summers.  The Library is also available on Saturdays when classes are scheduled.

  15. Is there onsite food and drink?

    Yes. There are snack and drink vending machines located right next to the student atrium.  Food and drink is prohibited in both Computer Labs, the Library, and in the Auditorium (Room E10).

  16. Is there a student area?

    Yes. The student atrium is located in the middle of the Center between the east and west wings. In the student area, you may eat, drink, study and connect to the wireless internet. Additional study space is located in the library.

  17. Is tutoring available?

    Students should visit their respective office of the respective school (within the Center) in which they are attending for information regarding tutoring.

  18. Can I rent rooms for my group or conference meetings/training?

    We do rent certain classroom and auditorium space for state agencies and private organizations.  Facilities request forms and pricing information can be found on this website in the About Us section under conference and meeting space.  Please call 256-0282 for general information or email or

  19. What are your procedures in the event of an emergency?  

    The Erma Byrd Higher Education Center utilizes an Emergency Procedures Guide to facilitate organized action on the part of students, staff, and faculty during emergencies.