Why Should "YOU" Choose Us?

There are many reasons why you should choose to complete your degree at The Erma Byrd Higher Education Center & Allied Health Wing (the Center); but, there are five (5) reasons we want to highlight as to why you should choose the Center as your home away from home:


With the rising cost of college, completing your degree at the Center is feasible, with regards to cost, because there are no housing and meal plan costs associated with attendance.  As a result, a student can stay at home and complete their degree without incurring a large amount of student debt. 

Student Success:

Completion of a degree at any college or university is highly correlated with faculty, staff, and friend connections.  At the Center, we provide excellent customer service; and, each college/university partner is extremely student-focused with the goal of moving all students to degree completion. At the Center, we are smaller, we are friendly and we care!

No Competing Interest(s):

The private sector of higher education offers various degrees that can be completed online from home.  As a result, by spending large amounts of money on marketing, their appeal is strong when selling you on flexibility.  However, their is a price associated with that flexibility because, at most for-profit institutions of higher education, their main loyalty almost always lies with their shareholders.  Shareholder value means that they will always look for ways to cut cost from programs designed to help the student.  As a result, shareholder value almost always supersedes student value at these institutions.

At the Center, our partners offer the same flexibility along with a menu of online offerings at a more affordable price; and, without the competing interest(s) of shareholder value.  Like most institutions, the Center does use marketing as a tool; but, we rely more heavily on student word of mouth.  Additionally, for those students only interested in completing an online degree (at one of our partnering institutions) the Center serves as a reliable access point alleviating the expense and frustration of maintaining reliable and fast internet in the mountainous terrain of Southern West Virginia.

We are Family:

At the Center, we offer a close-knit family environment conducive to learning and growth!  In a nutshell, we CARE about your success!

Our Students Say it All:

The Erma Byrd Higher Education Center & Allied Health Wing consistently gathers information from currently enrolled students in an effort to find out what they like about completing their degree requirements at the Center.  As a result, the following list includes (but is not limited to) some of their stated reasons:

  • Convenience
  • Helpful and accommodating faculty
  • Tons of resources
  • Flexible hours
  • Small class sizes with one-on-one faculty interaction
  • Affordable
  • Close to home
  • Beautiful campus
  • Availability of online classes
  • Friendly, helpful and hospitable staff
  • Family oriented atmosphere
  • A great learning environment

While the primary goal of The Erma Byrd Higher Education Center & Allied Health Wing and its residential partners is for students to come here, to choose a major, to learn, and to be successful; there are other reasons you may want to consider (when determining whether or not to complete your degree at here The Erma Byrd Higher Education Center & Allied Health Wing as follows:

  • FREE parking
  • On-site security
  • WiFi
  • Quiet study areas
  • Remain close to family and friends while you pursue higher education.
  • Student-centered customer service
  • Quality education