Satisfactory Academic Progress FAQ

Q: What is Satisfactory Academic Progress?

A: To receive funds administered by the Financial Aid Office at Concord University, a student must be making measurable academic progress toward completion of an eligible degree. Federal regulations require evaluation of both quantitative and qualitative academic progress. You can view the complete Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy HERE.

Q: What happens if I am not meeting the Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards?

A: Students who do not maintain SAP will initially be placed on a financial aid warning and will be notified by mail, email, or via MYCU of their status.  While on financial aid warning, a student is eligible to receive aid for the next payment period of enrollment.  Students who are placed on a warning are strongly encouraged to work with the Academic Success Center.

By statute, students who do not maintain SAP and students on financial aid warning who do not meet SAP requirements after the warning period are ineligible for student aid program funding. Students will be notified of their suspension of aid by mail, email, or via MYCU of their status.  This notice will include the time frame appeals will be accepted and the procedure to appeal. 

Q:  Can I appeal my Financial Aid Suspension if I am not meeting the Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards?

A: Unusual circumstances may occur which impact a student’s ability to be successful during an enrollment period. Examples of such unusual circumstances would be death of an immediate family member or legal guardian, personal injury or illness of the student, or other documented circumstances. Documentation such as death certificate/notice, physician’s statement, etc., or other comparable documentation of unusual circumstances will be required. A student who wishes to appeal his/her SAP status based on documented unusual circumstances may do so using the Concord University Appeal Form within the timeframe noted on their suspension letter.  No late submission will be accepted.

Q:  Should I attend classes while waiting for my appeal decision?

A:  Students will be responsible for any monetary obligations incurred during the appeal process.  Should the financial aid appeal be approved the student will regain eligibility for student aid programming.  Should the appeal be denied the student is fully responsible for the charges incurred.