Checklist for Transfer Students


  1.  Apply for admission to Concord University.
  2.  Send Concord University your official transcripts.
  3. Cancel ALL pending aid at your previous school.
  • Institutional aid from your previous school will not transfer to CU.
  • Notify CU’s Financial Aid Office if you received WV Higher Education Grant or the Promise Scholarship.
  • If you borrowed the maximum annual loan amount at your previous school in the fall semester, you will not be eligible for a loan in the spring or summer semesters.
  1. Complete entrance counseling at if you are taking loans at CU.
  1. Add Concord University’s school code (003810) to your FAFSA.

Understanding Transfer Monitoring:

Concord University’s Financial Aid Office will place a disbursement HOLD on your account for 7 days following a transfer monitoring request to NSLDS. The 7-day hold must be placed on your account even if you did not receive financial aid at another institution. The hold will automatically expire after the 7-day period and CANNOT be removed before the 7-day period.

If Concord University should note pending financial aid, a hold will remain on your account until we receive a clearance letter from your previous school indicating any pending aid has been cancelled.

Factors that may influence the ability to borrow loans and/or amount of loans:

1.     If the loan period at your previous school overlaps with the loan period at CU, it is possible that you will be not be eligible to borrow until the next semester.

2.     If all or some of your transfer credits are not accepted by CU, you may be eligible for lesser loan amounts.

3.     If you have not completed entrance counseling at, your loans will not disburse to your account even if they are accepted.