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Brake, Darrick
Instructor in Sociology
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Department of Social Work & Sociology
College of Professional Studies
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Marsh Hall

Dr. Darrick Brake earned his PhD in Sociology from Western Michigan University in 2017.  He holds an MA in Sociology from Central Michigan University, with a minor in teaching in the higher education setting. He also received his BA in Sociology from Adrian College.

Dr. Brake will be joining us this Fall (2017) at Concord University where he will teaching on the campuses of both Beckley and Athens. Darrick has also taught at Glen Oaks Community College, Grand Valley State University, and Western Michigan University in the Department of Sociology and Criminology. He has also taught numerous courses, including Introduction to Sociology, Social Problems, and Social Psychology. In addition, he has taught courses for the Lee Honor's College at Western Michigan University, where he was a mentor and active faculty member for students interested in Sociology.

Professor Brake has various areas of specialization within Sociology and Criminal Justice which include: sociological theory, economic sociology, political economics, theories of race and ethnicity, racial identity and identity formation, social psychology, symbolic interactionism, human trafficking, sex trafficking, regional shifts in trafficking crimes, and deviant behavior. 

Currently, he has four main ongoing research interests, ranging from the reconceptualization of the development of symbolic interactionist theory, to studying the impact of sociological theories of the economy on economics and economic policy, to the recognition of human trafficking as a significant modern social issue, and changes in the organization of racial and ethnic social movements as impacted by new technologies. 

His most recent publication with Landon Elsemere Press includes "Human Trafficking" in Tridico, F., Pellerito, J., Armstrong, J. (Eds.) Issues in Social Justice.  He has co-authored a new book titled Symbolic Interactionism: From Its Origins to Contemporary Theory with Charles Quist-Adade.  The book will examine the history of symbolic interactionism in Sociology and also feature new directions in symbolic interactionist thought. Dr. Brake has added an innovative chapter discussing the academic contribution of Josiah Royce to symbolic interactionist theory. The book will be released in the Spring of 2018 by Landon Elsemere Press.

In addition, Professor Brake is also working on the following research publications: An article titled: An Application of Castells Network Theory of Economics: Addressing the Marginalization of Sociological Theory in Economics and an article titled Forgotten Contributions: An Examination of Contributions of Lesser Known Pragmatists on the Development of Symbolic Interactionism (Summer 2018). He has also been asked to update his research on human trafficking in the book “Issues in Social Justice” in which he explores and explains the criminal enterprise of “selling humans for profit”.

Dr. Brake is currently a member of three professional organizations: the Midwest Sociological Society, the North Central Sociological Association, and the Michigan Sociological Association. During this coming academic year, he is planning on both presenting and chairing sessions at conferences for each of these organizations.

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