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Saladyga, Tom
Associate Professor of Geography
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Department of Social Sciences
College of Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
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Marsh Hall
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Ph.D., West Virginia University (2011)
M.A., West Chester University (2006)
B.S., The Pennsylvania State University (2002)

Research Interests/Publications: 

1. Hessl, A.E., Leland, C., Saladyga, T., and Byambasuren, O. 2017. Hydraulic Cities, Colonial
Catastrophes, and Nomadic Empires: Human-Environment Interactions in Asia. In
Dendroecology (pp. 345-363). Springer, Cham.

2. Saladyga, T. 2017. Reconstructing a cultural fire regime in the Pennsylvania Anthracite Region. Physical Geography. 38(5): 404-422.

3. Saladyga, T. 2017. Forest disturbance history from 'legacy ' pitch pine (Pinus rigida) at the New River Gorge, West Virginia. Natural Areas Journal. 37(1): 49-57.

​4. Hessl, A.E., P. Brown, O. Byambasuren, S. Cockrell, C. Leland, E. Cook, B. Nachin, N. Pederson, T. Saladyga, and B. Suran. 2016. Fire and climate in Mongolia (1532-2010 CE). Geophysical Research Letters. 43(12): 6519-6527.

​​5. Saladyga, T. and R.S. Maxwell. 2015. Temporal variability in climate response of eastern hemlock in the Central Appalachian Region. Southeastern Geographer. 55-2: 143-163.

​6. Saladyga, T., A.E. Hessl, N. Pederson, and B. Nachin. 2013. Privatization, drought, and fire exclusion in the Tuul River watershed, Mongolia. Ecosystems. 16: 1139-1151.

7. Pederson, N., C. Leland, B. Nachin, A.E. Hessl, A.R. Bell, D. Martin-Benito, T. Saladyga, B. Suran, P.M. Brown, and N.K. Davi. 2013. Three centuries of shifting hydroclimatic regimes across the Mongolian breadbasket. Agriculture and Forest Meteorology. 178-179: 10-20.

8. Hessl, A.E., P. Brown, U. Ariya, O. Byambasuren, T. Green, G. Jacoby, E. Kennedy-Sutherland, B. Nachin, R. Maxwell, N. Pederson, L. De Grandpré, T. Saladyga, and J. C. Tardif. 2012. Reconstructing fire history in central Mongolia from tree-rings. International Journal of Wildland Fire. 21: 86-92.

9. Hessl, A.E., T. Saladyga, T. Schuler, P. Clark, and J. Wixom. 2011. Fire history from three species on a Central Appalachian ridgetop. Canadian Journal of Forestry. 41: 201-2039.

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