Welcome to the Geography Program! 

Our Program offers a major in Geography (B.S.) and the option of an emphasis in Geospatial Science (B.S.). Geography faculty are committed to providing exceptional learning opportunities that encourage the development of problem-solving skills and citizen engagement. Students have the opportunity to work with faculty who are actively engaged in regional research projects and community service. The Geography Program also hosts the West Virginia Geographic Alliance, a National Geographic funded K-12 Geography education initiative.

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Why Geography?

Careers - Geography graduates are prepared to embark on promising careers in a variety of fields including, but not limited to, conservation and natural resource management, urban and regional planning, economic development, environmental law and policy, and education. Graduates of the degree program also receive the educational foundation necessary to pursue advanced graduate study in Geography and related disciplines. 

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Relevant and Interdisciplinary - Geography is a dynamic discipline that provides students with an understanding of the interrelationships between people and their cultural and physical environments. Students with varied interests in the natural and social sciences can find a home in the Geography Program.

For more information about the academic discipline of Geography, graduate school, or career opportunities, contact our faculty or visit the American Association of Geographers (AAG) or the Southeastern Division of AAG (SEDAAG).