Research Facilities

Environmental Geography Lab (EGL) (Marsh Hall, Room 102) The EGL provides undergraduate learning and research opportunities in Biogeography, Climatology, Soils, and Geographic Information Science (GIS). Contact Dr. Saladyga or click the link above or logo below to learn more about the lab, including student research opportunities and associated course offerings.

Note: The pine silhouette in the EGL logo is in reference to rows of white pine that were planted on campus in 1915. The Pines (1963) is also the title of a brief history of Concord.


R.T. Hill Spatial Analysis Lab (Marsh Hall, Room 124) The lab includes 15 fully equipped and networked digital workstations for computer cartography and GIS. ESRI's ArcGIS is used to teach and perform research in these areas. Supplementary lab software includes the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), Adobe Photoshop, and the Microsoft suite of office software. Through coursework in the Spatial Analysis lab, students gain the computer skills that help launch successful careers in Geography and related fields.