WV Geographic Alliance

The West Virginia Geographic Alliance (WVGA) has been in existence since 1992, where it is housed at Concord University. Concord University's opportunity was arranged by former Concord President, Dr. Jerry Beasley.  The WVGA is part of a national network established by Mr. Gil Grosvenor, Chaiman of the Board of the National Geographic Society.  

It's core objective is to promote better teaching of geography. Geography, as you know, contributes to understanding of our place in a global network of cultural, economic and environmental issues. West Virginia teachers, recognizing the academic substance inherent in geography as a discipline, have made it a success in the classroom.  

Our Goal and Message:
Our overall goal is to expand our footprint in promoting geographic education, while securing more time in the K-12 curriculum.  In the meantime, we have to continue communicating with educators, non-educators, and educational administrators, demonstrating the educational and intellectual substance inherent in a geographic perspective.  In order to be viable and move forward toward our organizational goal, our message is that geography must be seen as necessary to a student's complete education. 

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Coordinator: Dr. Joe Manzo
Concord University 
Co-coordinator: Allegra Kazemzadeh 
West Virginia Department of Education