This program requires thirty three (33) hours for completion.  The curriculum is designed with a systematic and sequential focus (see Program Requirements).  Students will be admitted in cohorts and will be able to complete the program in two (2) academic years, beginning with a fall semester.  After completion of twenty-seven (27) hours of preparatory course work, students will enroll in a capstone research  based practicum, HLTH 560 – Health Practicum (6 hrs).  Unless provided a special exemption by the Director of Graduate Studies, upon the recommendation of the program faculty, students must complete ALL course work before enrolling in HLTH 560.  To successfully matriculate through HLTH 560, student will be required complete one of the following:


Option 1:

  • Develop, implement, and evaluate a community-based intervention project for a specific population. Students will be required to accurately plan, implement in an actual setting, evaluate impact, and subsequently, refine the intervention

Option 2:

  • Based on thorough literature review, develop a research question that will be explored through analysis of primary or secondary data.

Option 3:

  • Conduct a systematic review surrounding a health promotion topic of interest. This will include an exhaustive review of the literature and inclusion of relevant articles.