Program of Study



The MA in Health Promotion consists of 33 hours; including 27 hours of content specific course work and a 6-hour capstone practicum course (see Table 1 below). Courses should be taken in sequence as indicated below (see Table 2). However if courses are taken outside of the recommended sequence, three courses have prerequisites (indicated by an *). Unless provided a special exemption by the Director of Graduate Studies, upon the recommendation of the program faculty, students must complete all coursework before enrolling in HLTH 560.


1st Fall Semester:

HLTH 500 Foundations of Health Education & Promotion                                         3hrs

HLTH 510 Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Obesity                                                    3hrs

1st Spring Semester:

HLTH 520 Program Planning and Evaluation                                                              3hrs

HLTH 540 Epidemiology in Health                                                                               3hrs

HLTH 550 Health Trends and Issues                                                                           3hrs


1st Summer Semester

HLTH 530 Health Interventions for School-Aged Children                                           3hrs

HLTH 535 Health Interventions for Specific Populations                                              3hrs


2nd Fall Semester

HLTH 515 Advanced Content in Health Promotion                                                      3hrs

HLTH 525 Research in the Health Sciences                                                                3hrs


2nd Spring Semester

HLTH 560 Action Research/Health Practicum                                                              6 hrs                                                               


TOTAL                                                                                                                                     33 hrs


HLTH 555 Graduate Seminar (NOT a program graduation requirement)                               1-3hrs


* It is recommended that students purchase and become familiar with an APA citation manual.  APA formatting and referencing will be required in ALL courses.