Course Descriptions

HLTH 500 Foundations of Health Education & Health Promotion (3 hrs):
This course is designed to provide the graduate student with an overview of general principles and concepts of health education and promotion applicable to traditional work settings. Theoretical models used to explain why people adopt or fail to adopt health promoting behaviors will also be addressed.

HLTH 510 Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Obesity (3 hrs):
Obesity is now ranked as one of the most critical public health threats of the 21st Century. Physical activity and nutrition play primary roles in weight management. This course will examine the nature, extent, and consequences of obesity in the US, and how social, environmental, genetic, cultural, and other factors influence its increased prevalence. The direct relationship with physical activity and dietary intake will be examined, and lifestyle changes necessary to reverse the trend identified.

HLTH 515 Advanced Content in Health Promotion (3 hrs):
A content driven course that will allow the practitioner to better understand the framing of most health related programming. Topical overviews will include; ATOD use, misuse, and abuse, stress management, social interactions, concepts related to holistic health, and human sexuality.

HLT H 520 Program Planning and Evaluation (3 hrs):
In this course, students will develop knowledge and skills required to effectively plan, implement, and evaluate programs that address public health problems for defined populations in a variety of settings.

HLTH 525 Research in the Health Sciences (3 hrs):
Prerequisite: HLTH 500
This course introduces a student to the various types of quantitative and qualitative research methodology. Course content will focus on research processes including evaluations of existing research as well as analysis and application of the findings.

HLTH 530 Health Interventions for School-aged Children (3 hrs):
This course will examine health promotion strategies and programs that are effective with children in the school setting, including before and after school, as well as community-based settings. The critical issue of the involvement of parents, school faculty, and others in the community will be discussed. Selected interventional strategies for various age groups of children will be reviewed and evaluated, and new interventions will be developed for implementation.

HLTH 535 Health Interventions for Specific Populations (3 hrs):
This course will examine health promotion strategies and program that are effective in changing health behaviors of those representing specific population groups, including older adults, at-risk individuals, and underserved populations (social, economic, and environmental). The course will include the study of social determinants of health equity, environment change, policy impact, and motivational influences. Selected health promotion interventional strategies for these populations will be reviewed and evaluated, and new interventions will be developed for implementation.

HLT H 540 Epidemiology in Health (3 hrs):
Prerequisite: HLTH 500
Introduction and overview of principals related to epidemiology. To include major study designs, statistical gathering techniques, epidemiology of infectious and chronic diseases, data interpretation, and measures of mortality and morbidity.

HLTH 550 Health Trends and Issues (3 hrs):
This course will focus on current trends including advocacy strategies, national initiatives, current empirical research, grant writing, and public policy.

HLTH 560 Health Practicum (6 hrs):
Prerequisite: Successful completion of all Health Promotion qualifying work
This course will focus on utilizing action research to identify a problem or issue within a health related work setting so as to systematically collect, analyze data, defend, and present data for informing decision making and/or policy creation/change. Students will complete a systematic and thorough community health intervention proposal, needs assessment, development, implementation, and evaluation.

HLT H 555 Graduate Seminar (1-3 hr):***This course is not a graduation requirement
Selected topics in the health education and promotion, including curriculum development, instructional processes, supervision, research, and evaluation. This course may be repeated up to three times and may be substituted for up to 6 hours at the approval of the graduate director.