Application Materials


TO:  Prospective Concord University Athletic Training Students
FROM:  John C. Roberts, Jr., MSEd, ATC, Athletic Training Program, Director
RE:  Concord Athletic Training Program Application Process
DATE:  10/26/14

Welcome, and thank you for considering joining the Athletic Training Program (ATP) at Concord University.  Below, you will find directions for completing the application process to gain official admission into the ATP, which is accredited by the Commission for the Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE).  All components of the application process must be completed, in entirety, and submitted by April 1 each year.  After review of these materials, and confirmation that the later described ATP Admission Prerequisites have been met, students will be contacted to schedule a formal interview.  It is anticipated that all students, who have successfully submitted and completed the required documentation and prerequisites, will be granted an interview with members of the ATP Selection Committee (committee members yet to be determined by the Program Director and Clinical Education Coordinator).  Interviews will begin no earlier than April 5 and end no later than April 25 of the academic calendar (see the Program Director or Clinical Education Coordinator for specific dates each year).  All interviewing students will be notified of their acceptance status upon the Selection Committees final discussion after receiving final grades for the Spring 2015 semester.

The ATP Selection Committee will accept varying numbers of qualified students into each Fall class.  The actual number will be based on clinical site placement availability.  Only qualified applicants who meet the necessary criteria as stated in the University Catalog and the current edition of the Athletic Training Program Student Handbook will be granted interviews.  Program admission is not guaranteed, regardless of completion of the above stated materials, granted interviews, number of applicants or class status. 

Additionally, as stated in the Student Handbook, students can reapply into the ATP the following year if they are not accepted during the semester they make initial application.  Students reapplying for admission into the ATP are subject to the same requirements as first time applicants.

Should you have any questions regarding any aspect of the application process, or your eligibility to apply, please feel free to contact me at (304) 384-6346, or during my scheduled office hours in room 403 of the Carter Center.

Thank you again for your consideration in joining our distinguished program and good luck as you apply to become a student in the Athletic Training Program at Concord University.

CU ATP Application Packet

Admission Requirements and Procedures

Admission to the Athletic Training Program at Concord University is competitive and should not be confused with admission to the University. Students entering the University should apply for admission into the ATP during the spring semester of their first year, assuming that all admission requirements have been or will have been met by the end of their first year. This means that students complete one semester of coursework, and then apply to the ATP during the second semester of their first year or before the 30th hour is completed. If accepted into the ATP, students complete a total of six semesters of courses and required clinical experiences. The quota of applicants accepted into the ATP is limited by faculty and clinical preceptor to student ratios recommended by the CAATE, the number of affiliated clinical sites utilized by the ATP, and the highly individualized nature of this program. Admission to the ATP is based on the following criteria:

  1. Must have earned a minimum of 30 semester hours (100 level or higher) prior to acceptance.
  2. Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  3. Successful completion (minimum grade of “C”) of the pre-athletic training program courses: AT 126, AT 242, AT 243, BIO 101, SED 205 (and/or have current CPR-PR and First Aid certification), PED 101 and PED 315.
  4. Satisfactory completion of all clinical education requirements included in AT 126, AT 242, and AT 243.
  5. Any developmental course requirements must have been completed at the time of application. For transfer students, any University developmental course requirements determined after admission must have been completed prior to admission into the ATP.
  6. Completion of application form.
  7. Submission of letter of application.
  8. Two reference evaluation forms/letters of reference completed by the following:  One from non-ATP faculty member and one from medical professional .
  9. Interview with members of the ATP Interview Committee.
  10. Completion of Physical Examination and satisfactory health questionnaire, provide evidence of vaccinations/immunizations, and signed Hepatitis B informed consent/refusal form.
  11. Evidence of current CPR:PR certification by ARC or Health Care Provider level by AHA (NOTE: these certifications must be kept current while matriculating through the ATP).
  12. Documentation of ability to successfully meet the Technical Standards of the ATP.
  13. Obtaining student membership in the NATA at time of formal acceptance into the Concord ATP and maintain the membership as they matriculate through the program.

* All Concord University ATP candidates will be ranked according to the ATP admission assessment form rubric score. Available slots within the ATP will be filled according to this prioritized listing of candidates starting with the top score downward. If there is a tie score and there are not enough slots to admit all the students with a tie into the ATP, then a tie breaker will be used. Applicants will be rank ordered from the highest to lowest based upon the documented evidence provided in their application file regarding their directed observation clinical experiences for the available slots. ATP Applicants who are not accepted may reapply for admission during the next available application period. Specific ATP application details and forms will be posted online at and will appear in the Appendices of the ATP Student Handbook.

ATP Student Related Fees and Costs

Required Cost
CPR Professional Rescuer Certification $35 required prior to ATP acceptance
NATA Student-Member Dues $78 per year
Tuition, Fees, Room and Board
Gas Cost for Transportation to Clinical Sites Variable costs, carpooling encouraged, transit bus available
Highly Recommended Cost
BOC Certification Examination                  $300 (spring senior year or within 6 months of graduation)
Optional Fees Cost
AT Club Membership Dues                            $20 initial membership
AT Club Membership Dues $5 per semester after initial membership
AT Clothing $40 per year (approximately)
State Convention Attendance $40 plus hotel (annual late winter/early spring) (approximately)
Mid-Atlantic Convention Attendance $90 plus hotel (annual spring/mid-May) (approximately)
NATA Convention Attendance $100 plus hotel (annual summer/mid-June) (approximately)
ACES BOC Preparatory Workshop $195 plus hotel (spring senior year) (approximately)