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Department of Humanities

The Department of Humanities at Concord University serves all students at Concord through its General Studies courses, its majors and minors, and courses on special topics including film. This site offers information on the Division’s courses in English, Foreign Languages, History, and Philosophy.

Interested in majoring or minoring in English, History, or History of Philosophy?  Information on the Core Requirements for Majors and Minors can be found here.

Information regarding courses offered by the Department is available in the current Academic Catalog.

The Department offers majors in English with four areas of emphasis (Creative Writing, Journalism, Literature, and Professional Writing), History, and History of Philosophy.  B.S. Education degrees with teaching concentrations in English and Social Studies are also available.


Each semester, eligible students are given information regarding the Department of Humanities English program assessments.

Students enrolled in English 301 are required to complete the Qualifying Writing Assessment. This assessment consists of an open-book, extemporaneous essay assignment on a topic option based on both print and non-print media selections that can be accessed by the assessment candidates two weeks in advance.  Writing sessions are scheduled in a departmental computer lab, and the candidates’ essays are submitted electronically to, as well as to the session proctor.

Students applying for graduation or student teaching with a degree concentration in English must complete the Capstone Writing Assessment. The procedures for this assessment are the same as for the Qualifying Writing Assessment.

Any questions regarding these assessments should be directed to Dr. Elizabeth Roth.

Additional Information

Mini Courses

One-hour courses are designed to focus on major authors, genres, themes, or literary movements. They allow for focused intense study, often in the specific research area of the instructor.

Three Special Topics Mini-courses may be substituted for English 203 or 204 for the General Education Program requirements. 

  • Two or more course with identical course titles cannot be used for substitution purposes.
  • ENGL 2201 used for ENGL 203; ENGL 2202 used for ENGL 204; ENGL 2203 used for either ENGL 203 or ENGL 204

NOTE: Both ENGL 203 and 204 are required for B.A. English and B.S. Education in English majors and cannot be substitued. Additional mini-course requirements vary by degree and emphasis. 


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News & Events
Film Society

The Film Society showcases films several times a week in Marsh Hall 237. Showings are free of charge and open to all University students and the community.

In addition to cult classics, the film society showings represent a wide range of genres and content from foreign, classic, and art films outside of the mainstream.

Check posted flyers for current show times, dates, and film information.

To sign up for emails regarding the film society and film showings, or additional information about the film society, email Dr. Charles Brichford at or 304-384-5294.

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Writing Resources

Writing Lab

The Concord University Writing Lab is located in Marsh Hall - Room 307. Twenty-eight Dell computers and a printer are available for English,  History, Languages, or Philosophy majors and to all students currently enrolled in English, History, Language, or Philosophy classes.

The Writing Lab is open Monday - Friday from 8 am to 4 pm and is also available Monday - Thursday 4 pm to 9 pm for students taking Department of Humanities courses.

Links to other Writing Labs and Sites for Writers

Numerous web sites are available to help you become a better writer. Some of the best include:

  • OWL Resources for Writers - Purdue University offers some of the best information available to improve your writing skills. You will find additional links as well as handouts, advice, practice sheets, and much more. Purdue Online Writing Lab

  • Professor Charles Darling of Capital-Technical College has created a web-site that is more than just useful. This site contains electronic handouts, "Ask Grammar", numerous resources and 35 computer graded self-quizzes. Guide to Grammar and Writing

  • Rensselaer University's Writing Center offers links to many resources including Online dictionaries, Thesaurus, and other Reference Tools.You will also find information on APA & MLA documentation. ESL students will find this a very helpful site. The Writing Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

  • Guide to Writing a Basic Essay - Kathy Livingston presents an excellent web-site on essay writing. Be sure to check her Shakespeare's Julius Caesar section. Basic Guide to Essay Writing

  • Topics are abundant at the University of Richmond Writer's Web. This site explores topics by the various stages of the writing process - First Draft, Focusing & Connecting Ideas, General Editing, Peer Editing, Sentence Structure, Using and Documenting Sources. You will also find hints for writing papers in other disciplines.

  • Writing at Harvard is an another outstanding guide for writing papers. You will find handouts and information to help you write your paper. Don't miss The Writing Center

  • Need a Handbook? The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has a handbook that explains and illustrates the basic grammatical rules concerning the parts of speech, phrases, clauses, sentences and sentence elements, and common problems of usage. The Writers' Workshop site is well worth your time. Grammar Handbook

  • Paradigm is an interative, menu-driven, online writer's guide and handbook useful for all writers, from inexperienced to advanced. Paradigm Online Writing Assistant

  • What is a five-paragraph essay? Find all the help you need at The Five Paragraph Essay Wizard- Everything you need to know plus practice writing prompts

  • The Undergraduate Writing Center at the University of Texas at Austin is a worthwhile link for any college student as it is loaded with helpful information. Undergraduate Writing Center

Need a Dictionary, Thesaurus or Translator? includes "Ask Doctor Dictionary", Fun & Games, Other Dictionaries (German, Greek,Latin, Spanish, etc.), Roget's Thesaurus, Translator, Web Directory, Word of the Day and Writing Resources. Dictionary
Doing a Research Paper?
  • Diana Hacker, author of A Writer's Reference, supplies you with information on writing all types of research papers. You will find documentation instructions using MLA (Humanities), APA (Social Sciences), Chicago (History) and CBE (Science) styles.

  • The Modern Language Association is a must for students needing help on citation. MLA ONLINE

ESL (English as a Second Language) Sites
The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign presents a site that is considered by many as the best ESL website. You will find information for improving Listening and Speaking, Reading with Understanding, Grammar and Writing and more helpful information. Resources for Students and Teacher of English as a Second Language

Our Staff

Berkey, Jonathan
Jonathan Berkey
Professor of History
Botts, Mark
Mark Botts
Crane, Ashley
Ashley Crane
Adjunct - Modern Language
Durrani, Carmen
Carmen Durrani
Associate Professor of Foreign Languages
Gompf, Michelle
Michelle Gompf
Professor of English/Chair, Department of Humanities
Lilly, Richard Keith
Richard Keith Lilly
Instructor of History
Malkovich, Amberyl
Amberyl Malkovich
Associate Professor of English
Manzione, Joseph
Joseph Manzione
Professor of History
McKenna, Thomas
Thomas McKenna
Professor of Philosophy and History/Interim Dean of the College of Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Ofsa, William
William Ofsa
Professor of English
O'Haynes, Delilah
Delilah O'Haynes
Professor of English
Patricia, Anthony
Anthony Patricia
Assistant Professor of English
Powell, Tina
Tina Powell
Instructor of English
Rieger, Gabriel
Gabriel Rieger
Associate Professor of English
Roth, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Roth
Assistant Professor of English
Shelnutt, Blevin
Blevin Shelnutt
Assistant Professor of English

If you cannot find the information you are seeking, please contact us at:

  • The Department of Humanities                Concord University D-110                                      PO Box 1000                                                        Athens, WV  24712
  • Or (304) 384-5352
  • The Department office is located in Marsh Hall 305.
The Humanities website includes various links to research and course material that may express opinions of individual faculty and students and not the views of the department as a whole, Concord University, or the Board of Governors.

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