Johnathan Powell Scholarship

Tim and Melissa Powell along with the Jonathan Powell Hope Foundation Board established the Jonathan Powell Scholarship at Concord University in November 2019. The mission of the Foundation is to eradicate childhood cancer through research, advocacy and education as well as provide financial and other types of support to children with cancer. This scholarship will also financially assist families affected by childhood cancer, furthering the mission.
Applicants must be a childhood cancer survivor or a parent or sibling of a childhood cancer survivor or cancer victim. A sibling includes half-siblings and step-siblings if the step-sibling lived with the childhood cancer survivor or childhood cancer victim during the illness.

The scholarship is considered renewable for recipients for up to eight consecutive fall and spring semesters.

The selection of scholarship recipients will be determined by a committee organized by the Jonathan Powell Hope Foundation Board and representatives from Concord University.

Apply for the Johnathan Powell Scholarship