Library History

The Joseph F. Marsh Library, formally opened on November 29, 1941. It was built at a cost of $165,000. The Concord Library started as a single room, with a secretary handing out books. When the new wing was added to the Administration building in 1916, the library took all the space in the front of the auditorium, and the first full time librarian was appointed, James French Holroyd. He served until his death in 1920, when Miss Ora Peters was made librarian. She served as librarian until her retirement in 1961. Ora’s Office

During the period between 1916 and 1941, the library had grown, and included many rooms, scattered around the building. Miss Peters helped plan the new building. The library has grown from 3,000 volumes in 1920 to over 157,087 volumes today which include books, microfiche, magazines and bound periodicals. The library has been and continues to be a vital part of the educational program of Concord.

Library Directors

Library Pictures

James F. Holroyd 1916-1920 Starting Out
Ora Peters 1920-1961 1st Librarian (1916-1920)
Virginia Fanning 1952-1953 2nd Librarian (1920-1961)
Arthur Flandreau 1961-1969 Marsh Plaque
Virginia Fanning 1969-1970 1940 1960
Lester Smith 1970-1973 1963 1970
Donald Riggs 1973-1976 1987 1995
Roger Lester 1976 (May-Nov)
Michael Pate 1976-1984
Thomas Brown 1985-1995
Robert Turnbull 1996-1997 (Interim)
Stephen Rowe 1998-2012
Connie Shumate 2012-
Sallie S. Tuggle - It should be noted that in the above phrase "The Concord Library started as a single room, with a secretary handing out books" is in reference to Ms. Tuggle. While not officially designated as the first librarian, Ms. Tuggle performed as such and is shown in the photo to the right taken from the Concord Echoes identified as "Librarian and Stenographer" from 1906-1915.