Student Resources

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association provides a great opportunity for graduates to maintain contact with their Alma Mater and keep informed about its advances. The Association helps you to see old and make new Concord friends at alumni gatherings, welcome and assist new Concordians, and support CU through funding. For more information such as local chapters and membership, follow the above link.

Bus Schedule

Concord University is pleased to offer bus service to and from the Athens campus to Princeton, WV through an agreement with Bluefield Area Transit. Please consult the latest schedule for arrival and departure times. Weekday bus service is available and is free of charge to students with a valid Concord University I.D.

Diversity & Equality

Concord University is committed to diversity and inclusion in all aspects and for all individuals. As such, Concord promotes equal access and opportunity through programming, academic courses, and campus organizations, as well as through employment and University admissions. 

English as a Second Language

Concord University offers a year round ESL program, offering instruction in reading, writing, speaking and TOEFL preparation.  Concord University is an official PTB TOEFL testing site, exams are available at mid-term and at the end of each semester.  Once the student has achieved a score of 500 on the institutional TOEFL, the COMPASS test is given, (if applicable) and the student is eligible for a degree program.

International Admissions

The International Admissions page provides information such as freshman, transfer, and English as a Second Language admission.

International Alumni

Read about some of CU's International Alumni reflect upon their experiences at Concord University.

International Students Club

The purpose of the International Students Club is to promote diversity on campus and to give students a chance to meet people from different cultures. Making international students feel at home while attending Concord is one of our larger goals.

Residence Life

A meaningful part of a university education is the learning that comes from living with others. A good deal of adjustment occurs in the transition from high school to university and from home life to residence hall life. Concord’s Residence Life Program is designed to help you make personal, social, and academic adjustments in as healthy a way as possible, and to make your living experience both educational and enjoyable.

Student Handbook

Includes information about Concord University's services, guidelines, and policies. 

Student Life/Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs has the major responsibility for student life at Concord. Facilities, programs, and services within the Office are designed to extend and enhance the academic curriculum. Student Affairs works to facilitate the personal development, maturity, and interpersonal effectiveness of an increasingly diversified student body.