International Alumni

Name: Linh Pham
Country of Origin:  Vietnam
Graduated: 2011
Degree: BS in Business Administration with a Concentration in Accounting
Current Location: Vietnam
Employment:  United Nations High Commission for Refugees, Ernst &Young

After graduating from CU in 2011, I started working for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees in New York City and then I worked for Ernst & Young, LLC. In 2013, I decided to go to graduate school and that was a great year for me because I got accepted at Harvard, New York University, and the University of California. One year later, I got married and now I have a lovely boy. I decided to stay at home in Vietnam to take care of my baby. My plan is to work for the government and finish my masters degree. 

Concord gave me a great start and has a lot to offer students. I learned that knowledge is a key for success and you are not alone in your search for that key. Don't say you cannot do it because everyone there will say you can do it. My confidence in my own ability increased there. What I learned from CU was beyond my expectation. If you want to study and gain knowledge, come to Concord. The teachers there are friendly and willing to help.   

At Concord I was kept busy with outside activities such as volunteer work, fundraising, school trips, homecoming, Greek week, etc. My daily life was always full of laughs and loves with classes, friends, and activities. I met so many good friends and we still stay in touch.    

I must say that choosing Concord was one of the best decisions of my life.


Name:  Stephanie Peareth
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Graduated:  May 2014
Degree:  Sports Management
Current Location:  Miami, Florida
Employment:  Head Golf Professional at Miccosukee Golf & Country Club
Concord University gave me a chance to make some great friends and contacts around the world! I played for the women's golf team and had a very successful collegiate career with amazing support from coaches, teachers and friends. Since then, I have become a professional golfer living in Miami with an LPGA membership. Concord gave me the chance to have a great degree and expand my golfing experiences.  I am still in great contact with many people from Concord who still follow my career and keep in touch. Friendships made will last a life time. It was my family away from home!
Name:  Tsutomu Arai
Country of Origin:  Japan
Graduated:  May 2012
Degree:  RBA
Current Location:  Hyogo, Japan
Employment:  Translator

The days at Concord were definitely some the highlights in my life. I can truly say it made me to broaden my perspective of life by meeting people who have different background and notion. Studying at Concord was a privilege. 
Name: Kahlil Joseph
Country of Origin: India
Graduated: May 2003
Degree: B.A. Communication Arts with Concentrations in Broadcasting & Journalism, Theatre
Current Location: Los Angeles, CA
Employment:: Performer and Private Coach for Performing Arts
Some of my fondest life memories were made at Concord University. As an international student who had arrived from a big and busy city in India, the town of Athens was a big change in terms of the pace of life, which I grew to love. It was a welcoming new 'normal habit' to greet every single person I crossed, whether I knew them well, somewhat or not at all.
The large size of the international student body in such a small rural town truly impressed me. I believe that was due to the tremendous efforts of Nancy Ellison, the director of multicultural affairs, who constantly fostered a welcoming environment in her large office, and orchestrated many social events for us. Yet, my friendships extended far beyond the international students. Many close friends of mine were American, and thus, a wonderful mix of experiences were continually created. I also happened to meet my soulmate and future wife within my first 2 weeks of arrival, again, through the international student group. We have been together extremely happily for 16 years and counting, and now have a beautiful daughter. My wife and I also happened to excel academically, which created high confidence in me about my future.
As an actor, I got to constantly obtain strong hands-on experience in many theatre productions, as well as work as a professional actor while still in school. My favorite 'social achievement' here, being an actor at Concord, was getting to know and receive genuine warmth from a massive amount of people ALL ACROSS the university - from the dean's office to other departments I was not majoring in to the cafeteria employees to the campus police - due to all of these folks coming to watch me perform on stage.
Years later, after earning my Master of Fine Arts in Acting from UCLA and having an acting career in Hollywood, I was honored to be informed by Concord University that it had listed me as one of its select Notable Alumni on its Wikipedia page. And though most of the wonderful teachers and deans I knew and loved have left by now, I will always be extremely grateful to the wonderful 4 years of utter joy I received from this lovely place in the wild and wonderful mountains of West Virginia. 
Name: Spaska "Patzi" Dvoiatchka
Country of Origin: Bulgaria
Graduated: May 2003
Degree: B.A. in Psychology, B.A. in Sociology
Current Location: Los Angeles, California
Employment: Program Director at Exodus Recovery, INC: Psychotherapy Private Practice


I flew across a continent and an ocean away from my family in Bulgaria to find a new, larger family at Concord that I had no idea will stay with me for many years to come. In my four years there, I grew in my experiences, my knowledge, my friendships, my self-awareness, my life and career skills, my personal life, my horizons... In other words, I grew up and realized that growing is a life-long process. I learned that knowledge and courage to try new things will take you further that you thought. I learned that leadership and service to others are interrelated and inseparable. I learned that you need support even when you think you don't and I learned how to ask for it. I learned that the people of Concord, from the President and the Dean of Admissions, to the International Student Advisor and the professors, to the Cafeteria lady and the janitor all truly CARE to see you succeed. And that I can take all the gifts I received during my time at Concord and multiply them in the years to come. And for that, I am eternally grateful.


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