Coming to Concord

Application Process

Follow the link for the application process: International Student Admissions

Coming to Concord University

You are ready to make the trip to Concord University and maybe are wondering: What should I bring? Will someone be at the airport when I arrive? Where will I be staying?

What to bring: 

The following is a list of things international students have compiled to make Concord your home away from home:

  • Passport/Visa.
  • I-20 form.  
  • Medicine. 
    • It’s always good to bring medicine you are used to having.  If needed, there is a pharmacy and clinic near campus, but it is nice to have medicine from home if you get sick.
  • Spices. 
    • The Concord International Students Club frequently sponsors trips to the International market in Blacksburg, VA (45 minute trip).  However, many students have recommended bringing favorite spices from your home country for that time you just want a taste of home.
  • Clothes for all seasons. 
    • Athens’ weather has 4 seasons.  For those students coming from warmer climates, bring clothes for winter; the winter months can have temperatures below 0°C/32°F.  Preparing for snow means having jackets, hats, gloves, and boots.  The summer temperatures can reach 32°C/90°F.  
  • Pictures. 
    • Bring pictures from home.  It is always nice to be able to see familiar faces, but, don’t worry, you will be adding to those pictures with all the new friends you will meet at Concord University.  
  • Traditional clothes (optional). 
    • Every year, usually in April, the International Students host an International Banquet.  Students, Faculty, Staff and local residents come to Concord University to eat a variety of foods from your country, watch cultural performances, and see the international fashion show.  The banquet and a few other opportunities will come up for you to show off your local dress and customs.

What to not bring:

  • Do not bring bedding.
    • Once you arrive, you will have a chance to go shopping at the local market to pick up sheets, pillows and blankets, or you can order them online.  In many students' opinion, the bedding is too big and takes up too much room to bring from home.  If you have a favorite pillow, absolutely bring it with you.  
  • For many foods, please ask the airline or customs officials to see what you can and cannot bring.

Getting to Concord University from the Airport

So your bags are packed, your passport, I-20, and plane tickets are in your pocket and you are ready to fly.  Now what?  

Airport pick up:

Once you land at either the Roanoke Regional Airport in Roanoke, VA Airport or Yeager Airport in Charleston, WV, you will be met by one of the staff from Concord University's International Office.  A school van will be there to drive you to Concord University. Both airports are about 1 hour 30 minutes from campus.


 Nancy Ellison         L.C. Smith          Chad Parsons


Before coming to campus, you will be assigned a dormitory.  There are 4 residence halls: Wilson Hall (Female), North (Female) and South (Male) Towers, Wooddell Hall (Male), and Sarvay Hall (Co-ed), along with Mill Street housing.  When you get to Concord University, the residence staff will have you fill out a form and give you keys to your room.  Depending on the time you arrive on campus, we will get your bedding the same day or the day after at the local Wal-Mart.  

Bank Account and Campus Box set up:

During the first week of school, there will be trips to the local bank (BB&T) to get an account created.  Also, the staff of the International Office will help create a campus box for any mail.


Whether it is your first day of school or graduation day you are always welcome to ask any questions you have.  We know there will be many questions while you are here. We are more than happy to answer any questions and help in any way to make your stay at Concord University the best.  Welcome to Concord University and we look forward to seeing you soon!