Compassion Committee

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The purpose(s) of this organization shall be to do fundraising to financially assist faculty and staff who may have a crisis such as a death in their immediate family, illness in their immediate family, or for extraordinary needs like a house fire, etc.


Members shall be appointed to this committee by the President /or her designee.

Membership shall include at least one member of each of the following constituents groups:  Classified Staff, Non-Classified Staff, Faculty and a member of the Contract Workers Group (WFF, Office of Sponsored Programs, Aramark, or the CU Foundation).

Membership on this committee does not have term limits, however if at any time the President would like to appoint someone to the committee, he/she may do so. If someone resigns, the committee may submit a list of candidates to the President for consideration.

2017-2018 Compassion Committee:

  • Connie Shumate- Chair
  • Doug Moore- Vice Chair
  • Dr. Charlotte Davis- Secretary/ Treasurer
  • Dr. Joan Pendergast
  • Lora Woolwine
  • Loran Morgan
  • Morgan Billups
  • Tammy Brown
  • Trena Stovall
  • Carolyn Cox
  • Scott Inghram
  • Christi Lamb
  • Nancy Ellison
  • Dr. Kipp Cortez
  • Carrie Jarrell
  • Dr. Shawn Allen
  • Carolyn Worley

For more information, please review the Committee Constitution and Bylaws:

CU Compassion Committee Constitution and Bylaws


Contact the Compassion Committee


Funding for the Compassion Committee is generated through donations or proceeds from various fundraising events throughout the year.

This committee is not funding by any monies from the University Budget.

The Compassion Committee Funds are held by the CU Foundation and are a part of the annual audit using  the standard auditing practices. These funds are only used for the purposes of this committee as defined in the constitution. Because it is a part of the Foundation, donations are tax deductible. The Concord University Foundation, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. Each contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Each donation must indicate that neither goods nor services were provided in exchange for the donation.

Eligibility for Funds:

All regular full-time and part-time employees of Concord University or contract employees housed at the Concord University Athens Campus (Research Corp., CU Foundation, Aramark or WFF) are eligible for awards. Temporary or outside contract employees are not eligible. A crisis can include situations involving the employee, their spouse or domestic partner, their legal dependent(s), or a parent for whom they are the primary caregiver.

Qualifying Emergencies:

The fund is intended to assist individuals who have experienced an emergency situation that has caused a temporary financial hardship. This event must be caused by a sudden and unexpected occurrence, or a

combination if occurrences, which causes a pressing financial need for an employee.


Examples of Qualifying Emergencies:

  • Medical Expenses that cannot be reimbursed by insurance.
  • Temporary Shelter if their primary residence is uninhabitable.
  • Food, Medication, or Special Equipment Funding Assistance:
  • Expenses related to a natural disaster such as fire, flood etc.


Events that impact a family member of an employee, with only an indirect effect on the employee are do not qualify for funding.

The committee is not responsible for knowing the needs of individuals. Applications must be submitted in order to be considered for assistance.

Request Limitations and Guidelines:

Distribution of Funds:

Monies must be requested from the Compassion Committee Fund held in the Foundation and will be distributed to the Employee in the form of a check.

No awards will be given if the fund has less than $200.  A balance of $100 must remain in the account.

Funds will not exceed the established $500 maximum. Individuals may submit requests for funding only 1 time per fiscal year and may not exceed a maximum of 5 total requests over the course of employment. Requests for specific amounts will be considered at the level of the request if it is less than the specified guidelines. If the request is approved and funds are available to support the request, funding will be awarded as follows:

Funeral Funding

$100- $500

Medical Funding

$100- $500

Temporary Housing

$100- $200

Food /Medication/ or Special Equipment Funding Assistance


Expenses Related to a Natural Disaster



* Other requests may be considered on a case by case basis.

*Purchasing of Flowers, funds requested to be used for or sent to Memorial Funds or funding requested to be given as a Donation to a Research Cause do not qualify.

Donating to the Fund:

Any person or entity may make a donation to the Fund.


Donations may made in the form of Cash, Check, Money Order or Credit Card on our website:  or


Donations may not be earmarked for specific individuals.

All donations are tax deductible.


Requests may be made by the Employee needing assistance, or by someone else on behalf of the individual needing assistance.

Application for Funding