How Do You Land a Job as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep?

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Feb 20 2000

How Do You Land a Job as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep?

Athens, W.Va. - Concord alumnus, David Burch with Bertek Pharmaceuticals told students how they could land a job as a pharmaceutical representative, Thursday, February 17, 2000, during a seminar sponsored by the Career Services Office of the College.

Students were most interested in salaries. Reps can start out at a salary of $38,000, with a potential for annual bonuses up to $10,000. The reps, however, must go through rigorous training to acquire a knowledge base to be able to communicate with physicians, and earn their trust.

A background in biology is really beneficial. Reps must have a good understanding of physiology, cardiology, and pharmacology. Reps must also know how to read and interpret clinical research papers to accurately communicate information about drugs to the physicians in their territories. In addition, reps must learn basic sales techniques, have good organizational skills, and be excellent communicators. Additionally, prospective reps must pass a physical, drug test, have a good credit rating and pass a criminal background check. "This position," stated Mr. Burch, "is a very responsible position, and companies want the absolute best candidates for the job."

Mr. Burch noted that really good reps will sometimes be offered signing bonuses to change companies.

Tammy Jenkins with the Career Services Office at Concord College organized the seminar.

For more information on career services, call 1-304-384-5119.


Concord College Notes: The College’s Career Services Office assists students by providing resources for and information about resumes, graduate school and potential employment opportunities. Career Services also track graduates. Last year, 79% of the college’s graduates found employment and 16% chose enrollment in graduate or professional schools.

Digital photo of David Burch