"Bold and Luminous" Colors - Attend Art Show at Concord and See if You Agree

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Mar 07 2000

"Bold and Luminous" Colors - Attend Art Show at Concord and See if You Agree

Athens, W.Va. - Artist and painter, Dimeji (pronounced, da-MAY-jee) Onafuwa, from Yoruba, Nigeria, will have works of art on exhibition March 29, 2000 - April 5, 2000, at the Arthur Butcher Gallery of the Alexander Fine Arts Center.

The name of his show is Oju Ona (translation, design consciousness). A reception will be held Wednesday, March 29, from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The public is invited.

"I prefer oils, as a medium, for its forgiveness," commented Dimeji. "I use bold and luminous colors. I pay particular attention to the work of the Fauvists and the audacity of the Bay Area Figurative Artists. I apply some concepts of media manipulation from my culture; one of which is Oju Ona (or design consciousness). The word ‘Ona’ ( ironically, the first three letters of my last name) could also be translated as ‘the embellishment of form/aesthetics.’ ‘Oju’ could also mean ‘eye.’ This gives parallel meanings to the show's title."

"I see the Spirit in humans," continued Dimeji. "To me, art is a means whereby man rediscovers God's creation."

The exhibition is being held as a requirement for a degree in advertising and graphic design. He is also majoring in studio art. Dimeji plans on working at an advertising agency while pursuing his studio career.

Dimeji began his education at Baruch College in New York, and then transferred to Concord, to be near his sister who was attending.

For more information about his show, call 1-304-384-5774. For information about attending Concord, call toll-free, 1-888-384-5249.


Concord College Notes: The Department of Art has a program for the student seeking a career as an art teacher, advertising/graphic design professional, studio artist, or the student wanting to continue art studies in graduate school. Three individual programs and two types of degrees are offered. Based on the degree being pursued, students may be required to complete internships, prepare a portfolio, or participate in a senior art exhibition. Graduates have found positions with a wide variety of organizations and businesses.

Digital photo of Dimeji Onafuwa