What A Great Opportunity!

For Immediate Release: 
Apr 11 2000

What A Great Opportunity!

Athens, W.Va. - "What a great opportunity," exclaimed Carly Norosky, from Oak Hill, W.Va., a junior majoring in advertising and graphic design at Concord College.

Her "great opportunity" came in the form of a weeklong marketing seminar held March 19-23, 2000, at the Wyndham Washington (D.C.) Hotel. The Junior Collegiate Marketing Seminar she attended was sponsored by the Direct Marketing Education Foundation (DMEF), headquartered in New York City. They paid Carly’s expenses for the weeklong trip.

She qualified for the seminar by submitting marketing essays to the organization. Students nationwide submitted applications to the DMEF, but only 20 were selected to attend the Foundation’ seminar. Other states that were represented included Vermont, Alabama, New Jersey and Florida. Associate Creative Director for National Geographic , Charlie Herrman, and Paul DiVito, vice president of marketing at America Online were two of the many featured speakers at the event.

"I attended sessions on database marketing, e-commerce, testing, creative process, nonprofit fundraising, and guides to job hunting/resume/career opportunities," continued Carly. "Most of the other people attending were from ‘big’ schools like Penn State and the University of Kentucky. I met a lot of friends and made a lot of connections—I left with 50 business cards, feeling very inspired! I want to encourage other students to apply for these types of opportunities. You never know when you may qualify!"

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For information about the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation, log on to www.the-dma.org or call 1-212-790-1561.


Concord College Notes: Concord business graduates have a history of high performance on post-exit examinations, such as the CPA licensure examination, and they report themselves to be satisfied in their careers. The business division is fortunate to have highly credentialed full-time faculty, with 82% holding doctorates or CPA credentials. Adjunct instructors also hold impressive credentials. Among them are two Ph.D.s, six Juris Doctorates, four MBAs, six CPAs, and an assortment of other professional degrees. These individuals are actively involved in the business community and generally hold high-ranking positions, which give them an experience base helpful to students.