“Trio” Reps from Concord College Attend Legislative Session

For Immediate Release: 
Mar 06 2001

“Trio” Reps from Concord College Attend Legislative Session

Athens, W.Va. - Representatives from Concord College’s TRIO program met West Virginia Governor Bob Wise at the state capitol, February 23, 2001. Governor Wise spoke briefly with TRIO students and personnel who then attended the House of Representatives legislative session. The Honorable Richard Flanigan (D), 25th District, acknowledged the group’s attendance during the session.

TRIO programs are Federally funded by Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965. While student financial aid programs help students overcome financial barriers to higher education, TRIO Programs help students overcome class, social, academic, and cultural barriers to higher education. Does TRIO work? Nationwide, an estimated 2 million TRIO students have graduated from college. And, students in programs like Upward Bound are four times more likely to earn an undergraduate degree than those students from similar backgrounds who did not participate in TRIO.


Photo 1, Left to Right: Shannon Rice; Melissa Richmond; Jaime Woods; Darrell Taylor; Samantha Allen; The Honorable Bob Wise (D), Governor; Travis Francisco; Sabrina Allen; Pamela McPeak and Michael Craighead

Photo 2, Left to Right: Shannon Rice; Travis Francisco; Samantha Allen; Jaime Woods; Sabrina Allen; The Honorable Mark E. Wills (D), Delegate, 25th District; Michael Craighead and The Honorable Richard Flanigan (D), Delegate, 25th District