Concord Alumnus Inspires Tomorrow’s Leaders

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Apr 15 2001

Concord Alumnus Inspires Tomorrow’s Leaders

Athens, W.Va. - The Main Auditorium of the Alexander Fine Arts Center at Concord College was full as Gary Rado shared his story of success with Concord students and friends of the College.

Rado, a 1963 graduate of Concord College joined Casio, Inc., in July 1996 as executive vice president of the consumer products division. In this position he was responsible for the sales and marketing of calculators, educational products, organizers, digital cameras, musical keyboards, handheld color TVs, and a new line of high-end Windows CE handheld and Palm-size PCs. He was elected president in 1999.

Rado has been instrumental in the redirection of Casio’s corporate marketing plans. He developed a strategic planning team, whose sole responsibility is to develop new ideas and programs that will enable Casio to remain a leader in the consumer electronics industry.

Rado worked several years after graduating from high school before deciding to attend college. Rado told the audience that he, “sent Concord a passionate letter pleading for a chance to attend.” He was given that opportunity and spoke highly of faculty members Dr. George Moore who, “brought history alive,” and Dr. Tom Pendleton who, “exhibited an intensity and dedication that was inspiring.” Rado told the audience that each contact you make is very important and that “if someone looses trust in you, you’re dead. Reputation, integrity, ethics, and a moral compass are very important, as is an ability to listen,” he continued. “My success has hinged on my ability to change, and understand new technology and its impact on business.”

Rado, who hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, learned more than business theory, economics, and history while in Athens. He learned what squirrel hunting was, and where hollows are.

Rado conducted a symposium for students majoring in business at 11:00 a.m., and then lectured to a general audience at 1:00 p.m. At the end of the 1:00 lecture, he announced that tickets had been placed under select seats in the auditorium and more than 100 lucky students receive either a Casio watch or label maker.

Rado earned his BS in business administration from Concord and recently established a scholarship to benefit students from West Virginia and Pennsylvania. He and his wife, Janet, who accompanied him to the lecture, have four children and reside in Warren, N.J.

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Photo: (Back Row) Concord students Hubert Fuller, Florida; Kristin Sherwood, Princeton, West Virginia; Ayan De, India; Dennis Dozier, Beckley, West Virginia; (Front Row) Gary Rado, President, Casio, Inc., and Concord student Anahita Remodiya, India

Concord College Notes: Mr. Rado’s speech is sponsored by the College’s Alumni Association and is part of the Distinguished Alumni Speaker’s Program, which was established in 1994. The lecture series honors alumni of Concord College by bringing them to the College’s campus where they can share their successes and achievements with the College’s students, faculty, staff, and community members. Other distinguished speakers include: Princeton native Gordon Harvey, former deputy inspector general, U.S. Department of Energy and Dr. John W. Jones, strategic manager for food safety, U.S. Food and Drug Administration.