Athens-Concord Town Social a Success!

For Immediate Release: 
Aug 14 2001

Athens-Concord Town Social a Success!

Athens, W.Va. - Athens-Concord Town Social Committee Chairperson Georgia Kelley said it all.

“The basketball team members from 1950, 1953 and 1959 who showed up highlighted our efforts this year! The people on the teams said they saw people they hadn’t seen in 50 years! And, 1959 cheerleader Delores Ford Hanks enthusiastically lead the crowd with a rousing ‘GO ATHENS’ cheer. We had a nice crowd and people seemed to like the new setup for vendors, entertainment and food. The seating arrangements under the tent were good for our guests, and they seemed to stay longer than in previous years.”

According to Town Social Treasurer Jean Beasley, the Social has never been rained out, although it did rain intermittently this year. “It has rained before and after, so today’s intermittent showers did a good job of cooling things down,” Beasley said.

The Town Social Committee gave several awards to townspeople for their special contributions to the community. Dr. Joseph F. Marsh, Concord College president emeritus received the Total Community Involvement Award for 2001. “I have been a resident of Athens for more than 70 years, so this place has always been my home. I consider this a special honor to receive this award because I received it from my friends and neighbors. I appreciate all the help you’ve given me on the projects I have been involved with throughout the years,” stated Marsh.

Lucien Adams received the Committee’s Elder Citizen Award. He was born in Radford, Virginia, in 1910 and has lived in Athens since 1980. Now he is a part-time resident and spends the winter months in Florida. “I’ve known for a couple of weeks that I was the recipient of the award,” stated Mr. Adams. I’m thankful that I’m here and I probably would not be here if it wasn’t for my wife taking care of me for 63 years!”

The 29th Citizen of the Year Award was given by Athens Woman’s Club representative Mary Lu Geiger to Nancy Elmore. “Nancy has really given to this community. She taught school while raising four children and now, during her retirement, she is involved with her five grandchildren,” stated Geiger.

Mrs. Elmore thanked Mrs. Geiger and said, “Everything narrows down to love. Love each other and you’ll have a wonderful life.”

Jack and Ronelle Martin received the Yard of the Year Award from the Athens Woman’s Club, and Athens residents John Paul Blankenship and Alvin Hager received scholarships. The scholarships are for $250 per semester. Both men, freshmen at the College, play football and Blankenship is on the College’s track team.

Basketball team members and the cheerleaders from Athens High School’s 1950, 1953 and 1959 state championship teams were honored. Those who attended from 1950 included: Roberta Pennington Cheatwood, Dick Hite, John Kahle, Kenneth “Badger” Martin, Frank Nash, George Parker, Jr., Sandy Pennington, Ronnie Redden, Jimmy Rogers, Bill White, and Fred Toney. Those who attended from 1953: Dana Kee Barbery Birdsall, Patricia Oxley Byrnside, Peggy Pennington Ellington, Stanley “Goose” Gunter, G.W. Keatley, Dick Peck, Jim Rogers, Jerry Williams, Ronnie Redden and Fred Duncan. From 1959: Jim Caruth, Chester Friedl, Paul Hodges, Jim Monohan, Don Riddler, Billy Joe White, David White, Delores Ford Hanks, and Gay Lew Woodell Hutchinson.

Mrs. Kelley thanked Sarcus and The Midnight Ramblers, the bands who performed for the Town Social guests, as well as the Concord College grounds crew, the Town of Athens maintenance department, the Town Social committee members, and the numerous volunteers and local businesses who contributed to the event’s success.

The event is traditionally held the 2nd Sunday of August. This is the 15th year for the event.


Photos: Joe Marsh, Lucien Adams