Winners of Business Challenge Announced

For Immediate Release: 
Oct 23 2001

Winners of Business Challenge Announced

NOTE TO EDITORS: All high schools are located in West Virginia unless otherwise noted.

Athens, W.Va. - The Concord College Division of Business and Economics hosted the Ninth Annual Concord Business Challenge, Thursday, October 18, 2001. The Business Challenge was designed to give high school students an opportunity to test their business knowledge base and teachers an opportunity to learn about new teaching tools and techniques.

Dr. Kendra Boggess, associate professor of business and division chairperson announced the following winners.

FAYETTE PLATEAU: Tony Pilate, first place, advanced keyboarding.

GRAHAM HIGH (Virginia): Justin Hall, second place management principles; Amanda Harry, second place, marketing principles; Shawn Neal, second place, business computer literacy and third place, SuperWrite; Andrew Price, first place, business law and third place, business computer literacy; Brittany Taylor, first place, marketing principles and Anna White, second place, accounting.

GREENBRIER EAST: Adam Engle, third place, creative marketing; Rachel Ballard, second place, current business events; Raelyn Blake, first place, management principles and third place, marketing principles; Greg Bookout, first place, SuperWrite; Adam Engle, third place, business finance; Ben Graber, first place, economics; Richie Holiday, second place, creative marketing; Ashley Hunter, second place, business finance; Seth Lancaster, first place, business finance; Andrea Shafer, third place, accounting and Alissa Thompson, third place, current business events.

GREENBRIER WEST: Chad Baldwin, first place, creative marketing and Christian Wright, third place, advanced keyboarding.

MERCER CHRISTIAN ACADEMY: Amanda Heaton, third place, economics.

PRINCETON HIGH: Josh Griffith, third place, business law and Paul Broyles III, first place, business computer literacy.

RICHLANDS HIGH (Virginia): Nathan Dotson, second place, economics; Rebecca Haydu, third place, management principles; Sarah Owens, second place, advanced keyboarding and Sarah Pruett, second place, keyboarding.

WOODROW WILSON: Sharra Cales, third place, business mathematics and first place, accounting; Anthony Donley, first place, current business events and second place, business law; Judy Karam, third place, keyboarding, Mei Li, second place, business math; Ting Li, first place, business mathematics and Lisa West, first place, keyboarding, second place, SuperWrite.

Ninth Annual Concord Business Challenge Overall Winners

The ninth annual Concord Business Challenge overall winners were Greenbrier East, first place; Woodrow Wilson, second place and Graham High, third place.

Scholarship Winners

The scholarship winners were Anthony Donley from Woodrow Wilson and Joe Mosko from Graham High. Each may receive up to $1000 per year, for each year they are enrolled at Concord and meet the scholarship requirements.

“What we've learned about high school students in the nine years we've been hosting this is that they have endless enthusiasm and loyalty to their schools,” commented Dr. Boggess. “They work extremely hard when challenged, motivated, and supported by their teachers and they enjoy the opportunity the Challenge gives them to socialize with students from other schools.

“I believe the Challenge and similar gatherings are important because they give students an opportunity to see how they measure up academically, in a friendly and positive way, to their peers at their own and other schools.

“We really do enjoy the day and this event went more smoothly than ever—thanks to the efforts of Bonnie Brown and Dr. Susan Robinett who do all of the ‘behind the scenes’ work with amazing efficiency and without a complaint. It is our privilege to work with these schools.”

The tenth annual Concord Business Challenge will be Thursday, October 17, 2002. For information or registration contact Bonnie Brown at 1-304-384-5244 or Dr. Susan Robinett at 1-304-384-5321.


Photo: Overall winners Fostina Byrd, Graham High School business department head; Woodrow Wilson students Sharra Bales, Lisa West and Anthony Donley, and Nancy Thomas, business education teacher for Greenbrier East.

Photo: Scholarship recipients Anthony Donley, Woodrow Wilson and Joe Mosko, Graham High. Business Division Chairperson Kendra Boggess and Vice President for Admissions and Financial Aid Michael Curry.

Concord College Notes: Concord business graduates have a history of high performance on post-exit examinations, such as the CPA licensure examination, and they report themselves to be satisfied in their careers. The business division is fortunate to have highly credentialed full-time faculty, with 82% holding doctorates or CPA credentials. Adjunct instructors also hold impressive credentials. Among them are two Ph.D.s, six Juris Doctorates, four MBAs, six CPAs, and an assortment of other professional degrees. These individuals are actively involved in the business community and generally hold high-ranking positions, which give them an experience base helpful to students.