Concord Professor Authors Textbook

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Nov 13 2001

Concord Professor Authors Textbook

Athens, W.Va. - Many people are passionate about their field of study, but how many are passionate enough to spend three years of their life penning a book on the subject? Dr. Darla Wise, a biology professor at Concord College, has co-authored a textbook, Immunology: A Comprehensive Review, with Professor Emeritus Dr. Gordon R. Carter of the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg. Wise currently teaches general biology, microbiology, immunology, recombinant gene technology, genetics, and cell/molecular biology.

The textbook, published through the Iowa State University Press, explains immunology, which is the study of the body’s responses to disease, at a basic level. It includes up-to-date information covering all aspects of immunology, a thorough discussion of immunodiagnostic techniques and AIDS, and a comprehensive list of milestones in immunology. Additionally, Dr. Wise created all of the illustrations contained within the book.

Dr. Wise is proud of the book—a result of interests she developed while working on her doctorate in Veterinary Medical Sciences with an emphasis in host-pathogen relationships at Virginia Tech. She explained that her initial involvement with the book was offered as a favor to her co-author. “Whenever he wants to learn something new he writes a book so he called me up and we started the process. It’s been a very exciting project.”

Wise said, “This text is a good basic book for understanding immunology, which is a very complex subject.” Some of the courses she teaches, for example, immunology, will eventually use the text. The text will be available in December 2001 and advance copies can be ordered through Iowa University Press by calling 1-800-862-6657 or logging on to their web site,


Photo: Dr. Darla Wise

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