Math Field Day Winners Announced

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Apr 07 2002

Math Field Day Winners Announced

Athens, W.Va. - The Concord College Department of Mathematics conducted the Region I Math Field Day, Saturday, March 23, 2002. The activities for grades 4-9 were held in Marsh Hall (administration building) and activities for grades 10-12 were held in the Science Building. The awards ceremony was held in the College Center Ballroom, starting at 4:00 p.m. Approximately 150 students from McDowell, Mercer, Monroe, Raleigh, Summers, and Wyoming counties will participate in the event.

Mercer County was the overall winner with a score of 103.1 in the combined 4-9 and 10-12 categories. Raleigh County came in second with a score of 91.1, followed by Wyoming County, Summers County, McDowell County and Monroe County respectively.

Rachel Montague from Raleigh County ranked first in the Grade 4 competition. Also participating in the 4th grade competition were:

Kevin Hough — Raleigh County

Kyle Wyrick — Mercer County

Dylan Adams — Wyoming County

Erii Tanao — Mercer County

Katie Jarrell — Raleigh County

Stephanie Mattox — Mercer County

Erin Comer — Monroe County

Isaac Snuffer — Wyoming County

Lori Pettus — Wyoming County

Morgan Plumley — Summers County

Madison Bowles — Summers County

Troy Humphries — Summers County

Justin Harvey — Monroe County

Kory Williams — McDowell County

Johnathan Burks — McDowell County

Ashley O’Neal — McDowell County

Trevor Smith — Monroe County

Asher Sexton of Mercer County came in first place among the fifth grade competitors.

Also participating in the fifth grade competition were:

Lanny Meadows — Raleigh County

Keith Filer — Mercer County

Mark Pullins — Mercer County

Isaac Mills — Raleigh County

Nicholas Dent — Summers County

Jodi Canada — Wyoming County

Whitney Bailey — Wyoming County

Micah Gilkeson — Monroe County

Travis Martin — Monroe County

Paul Harvey — Monroe County

Robert Smith — Summers County

Adam Pendleton — Raleigh County

Eric Bailey — Wyoming County

Joshua Evans — McDowell County

Travis Salmons — Summers County

Kimberly Cline — McDowell County

Tyler Timpson — McDowell County

Jordan Henry of Mercer County placed first in the 6th grade competition.

Also participating in the 6th grade competition were:

Trey Hunt — Wyoming County

Sara Lilly — Raleigh County

Kelli Jarrell — Raleigh County

Paige Cook — Wyoming County

Megan Massie — Mercer County

Maher El-Harake — Raleigh County

Alexis Montgomery — McDowell County

Shelby Merilli — Mercer County

Brittany Justice — McDowell County

Kenneth Ball — McDowell County

Marc Sartain — Monroe County

Rebecca Newsome — Summers County

Derick Sizemore — Wyoming County

Mark Stiltner — Summers County

Erika Lemons — Monroe County

Kendra Preston — Monroe County

Austin Barnett — Summers County

David White of Raleigh County took first place honors among the 7th grade competition.

Also placing were:

Brian Shorts — Raleigh County

Branden Adams — Wyoming County

Holly Jackson — Monroe County

Kelly Ellison — Mercer County

Rebecca Mitchem — Wyoming County

Jonathan Dobbins — Mercer County

Charles Davis — McDowell County

Scott Bennett — Summers County

William Hornick — McDowell County

Cynthia Bollinger — Summers County

Patrick Stewart — Wyoming County

Kristin Mabe — Mercer County

Brandi Simpkins — Monroe County

Afton Wagner — McDowell County

Mitch Tuggle — Monroe County

Mary Maier — Summers County

Jonathan Michael — Raleigh County

The eighth grade competition was won by Sarah Sexton of Mercer County.

Also placing were:

Lynn El-Harake — Raleigh County

Josh Hendrix — Mercer County

Anisha Patel — Raleigh County

Courtney Morgan — Mercer County

Kayla Fazio — McDowell County

Joshua Bishop — Wyoming County

Adam Cozort — Wyoming County

Corey Miller — Monroe County

Josh Peters — Raleigh County

David Cecil — Summers County

Ashley Browning — Summers County

Melissa Mills — Wyoming County

Camara McLaughlin — Monroe County

Matthew Grizzel — McDowell County

Andrew Carr — Summers County

Brandon Winebarger — McDowell Co. Joseph Stover — Monroe County

Ninth grade first place honor went to Johnson Wong of Summers County.

Also placing were:

Lucas Stone — Mercer County

Maya Rao — Mercer County

Nicholas Tankersly — Raleigh County

Colleen Pettrey — Summers County

Nathan Smith — Mercer County

Lincoln Moloney — Monroe County

Thomas Milkowski — Raleigh County

Brooks Spolarich — Wyoming County

Kevin Richardson — McDowell County

Clyde Meador — Raleigh County

Chris Lester — McDowell County

Sarah Thorn — Wyoming County

Todd Willey — Summers County

Jobe Thornsbury — Wyoming County

Erica Dotson — McDowell County

Brandon Blankenship — Monroe County

The first place winner for grades 10-12 was Wenping Zhao from Monroe County.

Also placing were:

William Muldoon — Mercer County

David Green — McDowell County

Justin Stover — Wyoming County

Paul Broyles III — Mercer County

Carrie Staton — Wyoming County

Alan Pack — Summers County

Gerald Bailey — Mercer County

Annas Ghabra — Mercer County

Caleb Cross — Raleigh County

For more information, contact Daniel Krider, professor of mathematics and department chairperson of mathematics, 1-304-384-5329 or e-mail


Concord College Notes: The first Math Field Day was held in 1977 and winners advance to a state-wide competition. Activities for grades 4-9 include: exam, mental math, short answers, estimation and relays. Activities for grades 10-12 include: exam, power questions, team questions, short answers, and relays.