Concord's 14th Annual Phonathon Raises the Roof

For Immediate Release: 
Apr 08 2002

Concord's 14th Annual Phonathon Raises the Roof

Athens, W.Va. - Pledges received from alumni and friends went over the top of the projected $70,000 goal for student scholarships. Student volunteers called alumni, friends and parents of current students to solicit financial support for scholarships, which are then given to deserving students, and for the purchase of books and materials for the J. Frank Marsh Library.

The Concord College Phonathon was started in 1988 under the direction of Dr. J. Douglas Machesney, vice president for development, and Susan Williams Tuck, former alumni director. The Concord College Phonathon is in its 14th year.

The 2002 Phonathon began on Sunday, February 10th and ran through February 28. Loretta Young, coordinator of the 2002 Phonathon stated that she was "most pleased with the strong involvement of student organizations in this year's effort."

Student organizations that participated included: Student Support Services,

Delta Zeta Sorority, Wooddell Residence Hall, Wilson Residence Hall, North Towers Residence Hall, the International Students' Organization, Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, SAC (Student Activities Committee), Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority, Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority, the Black Students' Organization, Alpha Phi Omega, and SGA (Student Government Association).

Alpha Sigma Tau won the organizational award of $275 for being the organization with the largest amount in pledges while Laura Waldron received the individual award.

Area businesses were very supportive by donating prizes for the student organizations. Businesses involved were Ramey Motors, Wet Pets, BB&T, First Community Bank, Cracker Barrel, Chick-Fil-A, El Mariachi Restaurant, Bluefield Holiday Inn, Embassy Suites in Charleston, Decoration Station, Bob Evans Restaurant, Hardees, McDonald's, American Red Cross, and New Peoples' Bank in Princeton.

Young stated, "I am so grateful to the Concord alumni, friends and parents for making this our best year ever. Given the recent tragedies it would have been so easy to write this year off, but this speaks to the character and fiber of Concord grads. Given the fact that Concord College is ranked first in academic reputation among public schools in the South by U.S. News and World Report 2002, many alumni expressed their gratitude for the quality of education provided by Concord College."

Ms. Young said that she was most pleased with this year's results. She sighted three factors as the reason for the Phonathon's success: 1) an excellent mission and product, 2) students who were very energetic and committed to the effort of raising scholarship funds, and 3) a phenomenal alumni and friend base for the College.

Last year, 94% of all pledges were fulfilled, which is above the national average of 68% for similar events.

Young continued, "The mission of raising money for scholarship funds for deserving student is most worthy, and the product–a quality education from one of the nation's most respected institutions, Concord College, is most desirable. In addition, most of our alumni and friends love hearing from students about the campus, athletics, and teaching staff."