Concord College science building will remain closed Mold the cause for disruption

For Immediate Release: 
Aug 22 2002

Concord College Science Building Will Remain Closed, Mold the Cause for Disruption

Athens, W.Va. - Upon the advice of environmental experts, the Concord College administration has closed the Science Building for mold testing and clean-up, and it will reopen when the work is complete.

During July, a custodian noticed mold growing on the walls in a classroom in the Science Building. The custodian notified the College’s physical plant manager who sealed the room.

Environmental experts advised that this past summer had an unusually high number of days with elevated heat and humidity—perfect growing conditions for a wide variety of molds.

College administrators contacted a testing firm to identify the mold, and the results of the tests have been given to the Mercer County Health Department.

Pinnacle Environmental Consultants—a firm that specializes in testing potential hazards—conducted the tests. Companies specializing in environmental remediation will conduct the cleanup after Pinnacle completes a “designer report,” which establishes parameters for the remediation process.

“We don’t want to put anyone in harm’s way,” commented Concord College President Jerry Beasley. “Officials with the Mercer County Health Department will be addressing the concerns of students, faculty, and staff, and working closely with us to help solve this problem.”

“We are following the advice of the experts and working closely with the Mercer County Health Department,” stated Jim Cannon, vice president for business and finance.

The Mercer County Health Department is advising state health officials about the findings at Concord.

The telephone number for the Mercer County Health Department is 1-304-324-8846.

Class Relocation to be Announced by Vice President and Academic Dean

Dr. Dean Turner, vice president and academic dean, will develop a relocation plan for the displaced classes. The College’s public relations office will post the relocation plan at The relocation plan will also be posted on a bulletin board on the second floor of Marsh Hall near the Registrar’s office.

“Our goal is to relocate classes on campus and leave classes at their regularly scheduled times to minimize disruptions for students and faculty. Everyone is jumping in and saying, ‘hey, we have a space you can use for a classroom,’” stated Turner.

Faculty member John David Smith: “Faculty members have been very understanding about the displacement process; those with offices are sharing with those who have been displaced. Situations like this bring out the best in people.”

For more information call 1-304-384-5288.