Math Field Day Winners Announced

For Immediate Release: 
Mar 29 2004

Math Field Day Winners Announced

Athens, W.Va. – The Concord College Department of Mathematics conducted the Region I Math Field Day on Saturday, March 27, 2004, with an awards ceremony that was held in the Alexander Fine Arts Center Main Auditorium. Approximately 140 students from McDowell, Mercer, Raleigh, Summers and Wyoming counties participated in the event.

The first Math Field Day was held in 1976 with winners advancing to a state-wide competition. Activities for grades 4-9 include: exam, mental math, short answers, estimation and relays. Activities for grades 10-12 include: exam, power questions, team questions, short answers, and relays.

“The aim of this competition is to stimulate greater interest in mathematics and to recognize students who excel in math,” stated Dr. Daniel W. Krider, professor of mathematics and department chairperson of mathematics for Concord College.

Mercer County was the overall winner with a score of 94 out of a possible 100. Raleigh County was ranked number two with a score of 89.5, and Wyoming County earned the number three slot with an 88.2 score.

Grade four winners were: No. 1, Nicholas Stinson, Mercer County; No. 2, Brooks Cline, Raleigh County; and No. 3, Jonathan Tilley, Wyoming County.

Grade five winners were: No. 1, Austin Spurlock, Raleigh County; No. 2, Jordan Carinelli, Mercer County; and No. 3, Adam Mills, Mercer County.

Grade six winners were: No. 1, Diana Shahan, Mercer County; No. 2, Rami Zein, Mercer County; and No. 3, Kevin Hough, Raleigh County.

Grade seven winners were: No. 1, Jessica Geiger, Mercer County; No. 2, Mark Pullins, Mercer County; and No. 3, Whitney Bailey, Wyoming County.

Grade eight winners were: No. 1, Trey Hunt, Wyoming County; No. 2, Kelli Jarrell, Raleigh County; and No. 3, Jordan Henry, Mercer County.

Grade nine winners were: No. 1, Brian Shorts, Raleigh County; No. 2, Branden Adams, Wyoming County; and No. 3, Brian Filer, Mercer County.

High school winners, grades 10 through 12 were: No. 1, Nicholas Ross, Raleigh County; No. 2, Alan Pack, Summers County; and No. 3, Adam Wriston, Raleigh County.

For more information, contact Dr. Daniel Krider, 1-304-384-5329 or e-mail