Historical Lighting Installed in Concord’s Library, Ceremony to be Held Saturday, October 16

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Oct 07 2004

Historical Lighting Installed in Concord’s Library, Ceremony to be Held Saturday, October 16

Athens, W. Va. - Six historic lights have been professionally refurbished and installed in the Concord University library this fall, and a special ceremony will be held commemorating the installation on October 16, 2004.

“The lights are unique,” stated Dr. Stephen Rowe, director of the Marsh Library. “The fixtures were hand-delivered to a specialty company, Crenshaw Lighting in Floyd, Virginia, where Crehshaw disassembled, cleaned, and rewired them to modern electrical standards. Concord's heritage light fixtures may now continue to be seen where they were originally installed, in the Marsh Library Reading Room.

According to Rowe, if these fixtures had been purchased new, they would have cost anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 each. The cost to refurbish the antique fixtures was considerably less than a new purchase price, Rowe said. Each solid brass fixture weighs approximately 85 pounds, so the library ceiling was modified to ensure that the lights could be hung safely. Mangus Electric of Princeton, West Virginia, installed the chandeliers and wired them on a separate lighting circuit so that they may be used for special occasions, not for general lighting.

The J. Frank Marsh Library was a “W.P.A.” project (a federal project that provided jobs) and was built at a cost of $150,000 between 1938 and 1940. All the trim in the library is crafted of solid walnut, as is much of the furniture.

“Restoring these six chandeliers brings the reading room back to the way it looked when it first opened to Concord students 65 years ago,” stated Rowe. "We hope that alumni and current students appreciate the restoration of this classic look," Rowe added.

A special ceremony commemorating the rededication of these antique chandeliers will be held on Saturday, October 16, at the J. Frank Marsh Library after the Homecoming game with Fairmont State.

For more information, contact David Shumate, 1-304-384-5375 or shumate@concord.edu.


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