Concord Students Need Your Help to Meet February 10 Deadline

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Jan 27 2005

Concord Students Need Your Help to Meet February 10 Deadline

Athens, W.Va. – Concord University students and alumni are planning a campaign to raise money and gather goods to benefit victims of last month’s devastating tsunami in south Asia.

Students will initially solicit goods—summer- or light-weight clothing, stuffed toys, and school supplies to send to a school in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. New or gently used clothing and stuffed toys are preferred. Only new school supplies will be accepted. They have a deadline of shipping the goods by Thursday, February 10.

Goods may be left at three locations on campus: the Bonner House, and the Student Center Office and the Office of Multi-Cultural Affairs—both located in the Student Center. These locations will be available from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Heading up the fundraising efforts is Maitreyi (my-TREE) Doshi from Pune, India. Her hometown is about 12 hours from the coastal areas that were devastated by the tidal wave. Maitreyi is majoring in graphic design and political science and plans to graduate in 2007.

Several student groups will be working with Ms. Doshi, including the International Club, a group of students who live outside the United States; the Bonner Scholars, students who perform public service and community work; and Alpha Phi Omega, a service fraternity on campus.

Alyesha Asghar from Bangalore, India, is a Concord University alumna who will assist with the fundraiser. Her hometown is about a six-hour drive from the coast. Shortly after the disaster, she traveled to the affected areas and captured video footage and pictures. Ms. Asghar graduated in December 2004 with a degree in communication arts.

Ms. Doshi has an admirable goal. She wants to adopt a school that was located in the affected area. “The goods and money will be used by school officials to rebuild at least a portion of what the tsunami took away,” she noted. She will be working with aid organizations recommended by the Sri Lankan embassy.

Staff members who are assisting with the effort include Ms. Kathy Ball, director of the Bonner Scholars; Ms. Nancy Ellison, director of multi-cultural affairs; and Mr. Rick Dillon, interim dean of students.

Other activities will be planned throughout the semester and separate announcements will be made as details become available.

In 2001, the International Club had a goal of $3,000 and raised almost $8,000 which was donated to the local Red Cross to benefit victims of an earthquake in India.

For more information, contact Maitreyi Doshi at 1-304-384-5973 or


PHOTO: Maitreyi Doshi solicits input from students to benefit victims of the tsunmi in India.

PHOTO: Daniel Leftwich from Monroe County represents Alpha Phi Omega, a service fraternity at Concord; Alyesha Asghar from Bangalore, India, is an alumna who will be helping with fundraising activities. She brought video footage and pictures back from her recent trip to India to share with the Concord community.

PHOTO: Alyesha Asghar from Bangalore, India, shares this photo from the disaster area. Piles of rubble are everywhere.

CONCORD UNIVERSITY NOTES: Persons with disabilities should contact Nancy Ellison, 1-304-384-6086 or 1-800-344-6679, extension 6086 if special assistance or help is required for access to an event scheduled by the University on campus.