Campus Compact Offers Assistance to College Students who are Victims of Hurricane Katrina

For Immediate Release: 
Sep 06 2005

Campus Compact Offers Assistance to College Students who are Victims of Hurricane Katrina

Athens, W.Va. – Several public and private colleges and universities in West Virginia are offering their assistance to college-bound students in the New Orleans area who will not have a campus to go to due to the devastation of hurricane Katrina on colleges and universities in the New Orleans area.

Chair of West Virginia’s “Campus Compact” and President of Concord University, Dr. Jerry L. Beasley announced that participating member institutions will “do everything possible” to help more than 100,000 displaced college students in the New Orleans area. “We’ve surveyed the institution’s willingness to help, and we are ready to work through the American Red Cross to house, feed and educate as many students as we can, based on each member institution’s capacity.”

“We are also assembling work teams that will be available either on the institution’s mid-semester break or Thanksgiving break to help with clean-up efforts.”

Students in the New Orleans area who want to take advantage of this offer should contact the American Red Cross.

Participating institutions include: Bethany College, Concord University, Davis & Elkins College, Eastern W.Va. Technical & Community College, Fairmont University, Fairmont Community & Technical College, Glenville State College, Marshall University, University of Charleston, W.Va. State University, W.Va. Community & Technical College, WVU, WVU-Parkersburg, WVU-Potomac State College, WVU-Institute of Technology, West Virginia Wesleyan College and Wheeling Jesuit University.

For more information, contact the Concord University public relations office, 1-304-384-5288 or


CONCORD UNIVERSITY NOTES: Persons with disabilities should contact Nancy Ellison, 1-304-384-6086 or 1-800-344-6679, extension 6086 if special assistance or help is required for access to an event scheduled by the University on campus.