Concord University Supports Hurricane Relief Efforts

For Immediate Release: 
Nov 07 2005

Concord University Supports Hurricane Relief Efforts

Athens, W.Va. - Concord University’s students and staff came together following the Hurricane Katrina tragedy to help the victims on the Gulf Coast in many different ways. The Student Government Association (SGA) encouraged its member organizations to conduct fundraisers for victims by agreeing to double the amount of funds they raised. The Classified Staff Council took in-kind donations to be sent directly to the victims of the tragedy. And, students in Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) will be sending a mission team to the region to assist in the clean-up.

Thirteen student organizations conducted fundraisers to contribute to the gulf region. In all, $2,640.50 was raised by students, and that amount was matched by the SGA for a total of $5,281.00 that was sent to the American Red Cross. The top contributing student organizations were Tau Kappa Epsilon, $455; Office of the President of the SGA, $450; Mu Xi Phi, $400; and Wilson Hall Council, $482.50.

SGA President Jared Tice, who donated his entire salary as president for the month to inspire the effort, said, “The students of Concord really have shown a certain compassion about Hurricane Katrina. Many organizations showed great generosity to the victims in this tragedy. Though Concord is seen as a school that mainly caters to southern West Virginia, Concord represents 27 states and 22 nations. With that in mind, the SGA thought it is not only reasonable, but our responsibility to donate money to this cause. I was definitely impressed by the amount of money the organizations raised. I had an internal goal of $2,500 dollars and the students surpassed it.”

CCC students and advisors will be traveling to Pass Christian, Miss., to spend their Thanksgiving break engaged in clean-up activities. They will be helping individual families remove debris, clean their homes, strip flood damaged carpet and drywall and then prepare for reconstruction. The students plan to leave on Saturday, November 19, and return on Saturday, November 26. (Any persons interested in participating in the trip may contact CCC President Chad Wood at 1-304-384-5480. There is limited space remaining for this trip.)

The Classified Staff Council decided to send donations such as personal hygiene items, cleaning supplies, etc. These items were then sent through Son Rise Trucking Ministry, Inc. out of Speedway, W.Va., to Gulf Port, Miss., to be distributed to victims throughout the region.

“Many items began to flow in and when the materials were collected by Mr. Stillwell (of Son Rise Trucking Ministry), he was amazed at the response we had received. The positive, caring and giving attitude displayed by the Concord community was overwhelming. I have found this type of response every time that there is a defined need for assistance and I personally feel very fortunate to have friends and co-workers of this nature,” said Lynnis Hill, who organized the collection.

The Staff Council collected “a good amount” of supplies including bottled water collected by residents of the South Tower Residence Hall, according to Hill. The items were placed in a three-quarter ton truck and a van.

For more information call 1-304-384-5288.


CONCORD UNIVERSITY NOTES: Jesse Call, a junior majoring in political science and history, wrote this press release. His hometown is Pocahontas, Va.