TV Star Alain NU to Perform at Concord, Wednesday, January 25

For Immediate Release: 
Jan 10 2006

TV Star Alain NU to Perform at Concord, Wednesday, January 25

Athens, W.Va. - Alain Nu, from the TLC series, “The Mysterious World of Alain Nu,” returns to the SUBWAY Stage in the Concord University Student Center on Wednesday, January 25 at 9 p.m.

He'll make you see things that aren't there and feel things you can't feel. The impossible is made possible, and you're sitting right there. Ride the waves of random chance; watch your friends be put under a spell; metal objects may bend in your hand and he'll tell you what you're thinking.... Under hypnosis, YOU'LL read the mind of another! Spoons will bend and twist like snakes! Self-fulfilling prophecies are made!

Alain Nu has a style that is all his own. He's high energy; he's dynamic--and his show is like getting the straight dope about something you can't possibly explain. Clairvoyance, thought control, synchronicity and mind over matter--it's all rolled up in this show.

Alain's show is free to the public. Call the Concord University Student Center for more information at 1-304-384-5311.


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