Elliott Named Health Education Professional of The Year

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Feb 20 2006

Elliott Named Health Education Professional of The Year

Athens, W.Va. - Dr. Eloise Elliott, professor of physical education was recently named the Health Education Professional of the Year for public and community service.

Elliott received the national honor from the American Association for Health Education (AAHE). Previously, she had won on the state and regional levels through the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AHPERD).The award is given to someone who exhibits leadership in developing and implementing or directing effective health education or promotion programs, participating in volunteer service to organizations and professional groups, and evidence of meritorious professional activities.

According to AHHE, the award is "presented annually to recognize individuals who have made substantial contributions as practitioners to professional practice in the six settings in the field."

The Health Education Professional of the Year had participated in many activities to earn this distinction. Dr. Elliott is the creator and director of “Healthy Hearts 4 Kids” and “Take Charge! Be Healthy!,” both school-based health instructional modules delivered online to children and teenagers. Over 11,000 students in 20 states have utilized the web-based programs.

Elliott also serves as the co-chair on the Executive Committee of the Council of Physical Education for Children of the National Association of Sports and Physical Education. She is also the Associate Director of Interventions for the W.Va. CARDIAC Project, which involves an interagency collaboration between the West Virginia University School of Medicine, the W.Va. Bureau for Public Health, and the W.Va. Department of Education.

She has written numerous articles and made over 100 presentations on both the local and national levels. Her writings include a textbook chapter on interdisciplinary learning.

Besides her recent web endeavor, Healthy Hearts 4 Kids, Elliott also helped found the popular website PE Central and serves as a senior advisor to the site administrators.

This is not the first award for Elliott. In 2004, she was named West Virginia Health Educator of the Year, and in 2001, she received the Ray O. Duncan Award for outstanding professional service in the West Virginia AHPERD.

Elliott said, "It is such an honor to be recognized nationally for the work that I do here in West Virginia. I share this recognition with all the people I work with locally, statewide, and nationally that make my efforts possible. It is the collaborative effort of many individuals and groups that will ultimately affect the health of our children - and I am fortunate to be a part of ‘the team.’

"I want to see West Virginia’s children become healthier,” she concluded.

Before beginning work at Concord in 1989, Elliott served as schoolteacher in Mercer County for 14 years.


PHOTO: Dr. Eloise Elliott received the national honor from the American Association for Health Education (AAHE).

CONCORD UNIVERSITY NOTES: Jesse Call, a student majoring in political science and history, wrote this press release. His hometown is Pocahontas, Va.