Concord University Nominated for School of The Year for Campus Activities

For Immediate Release: 
Feb 26 2006

Concord University Nominated for School of The Year for Campus Activities

Athens, W.Va. - Unbelievably, entertainment is bustling in the small town of Athens. At Concord University, the Student Activities Committee (SAC) offers a wide range of entertainment throughout the academic year including Grammy Award winning musical performers, hypnotists, magicians, comedians, and stunt professionals. The wide selection they offer has earned Concord University the distinction of being nominated by “Campus Activities Magazine” for School of the Year. Only three other universities are being considered for the award.

The award is determined based on several factors including evaluations by students and the performers themselves. Campus Activities Magazine then selects its candidates and the artists and schools vote on them.

The events are planned for the students by students. Each year, SAC gets together to select acts to bring to Athens based on research and from actually seeing performances at the many conferences they attend to get ideas.

Concord’s competitors are the University of Akron, Winthrop University, and the University of Wisconsin-Superior. The decision should be announced in the March 2006 edition of “Campus Activities Magazine.”

This would not be the first award for Concord’s SAC. They received first place in programming from the National Association for Campus Activities for the academic year 1998-1999.

Concord’s SAC members are Ashley Bell of Bridgeport; John Dunn of Nitro; Megan Ganak of Charles Town; Ashley Hicks of South Charleston; Missy King of Tornado; Clayton Maxwell of Lynchburg, Va.; Corrie McKee of Nitro; Sarah Pitzer of Union; Charles Persinger of Frazier Bottom; Carissa Sfarnas, of Edinburg, Va.; Jacob Stephens of Tornado; Tanisha Stine of Romney; and Stephanie Young of Prospect, Pa.

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CONCORD UNIVERSITY NOTES: Jesse Call, a student majoring in political science and history, wrote this press release. His hometown is Pocahontas, Va.