Concord’s Manzo Named Professor of The Year for 2005 in West Virginia

For Immediate Release: 
Mar 13 2006

Concord’s Manzo Named Professor of The Year for 2005 in West Virginia

Athens, W.Va. – Concord University Professor of Geography, Joseph T. “Joe” Manzo, was named Professor of the Year in West Virginia for 2005 by the Faculty Merit Foundation. The announcement was made March 7 at the Cultural Center after a reception at the Governor’s Mansion in Charleston.

Concord University President, Dr. Jerry Beasley, said, “Dr. Manzo’s enthusiasm for geography has transformed him into an evangelist for geography education in West Virginia. He has sought ways to bring public school teachers and higher education faculty into discussions for improving the discipline. He has established himself as a state leader, directing the Geographic Alliance that is a coalition of colleges and public schools that are working under the aegis of the State Department of Education with support from the National Geographic Society.”

"Throughout nearly three decades of service, Joe Manzo's unflagging energy and enthusiasm have greatly enriched our institution and the lives of students and teachers across our state. He richly deserves recognition as the West Virginia Professor of the Year,” noted Division of Social Sciences Chair, Dr. George W. Towers.

“Today’s students are as smart as we were. They have as much potential as we had and they are as motivated as we were. However, if we want to see today’s students succeed,” stated Dr. Manzo in his acceptance speech, “then we need to hold their feet to the fire. In the classroom, they need to spell correctly, speak properly and write properly. They need to read more. Outside of the classroom they need to give of themselves to become better citizens.”

The Faculty Merit Foundation was created in 1984 by Huntington Attorney Ed Green to provide a means of recognizing and rewarding outstanding innovation and creativity among the faculties of West Virginia’s public and private institutions of higher education. Through the Professor of the Year program, the outstanding achievements of these individuals are brought to the attention of the public of our state.

The Foundation has established the following objectives: to recognize and reward outstanding professional leadership, innovation and creativity in teaching among the faculties of all West Virginia public and private colleges and universities; to bring outstanding faculty achievements to the attention of the citizens of the state; to increase public awareness of the appreciation for the contributions of faculty members through the institutions of higher education they serve; and to gain support from the general public for the higher education enterprise.

Concord Professor David Bard (now retired) was named Professor of the Year for 2001. Not only was Manzo the second win for the University, but the second for the Division of Social Sciences.


PHOTO: Professor of Geography Joseph T. “Joe” Manzo