Concord Student Wins Accounting Award

For Immediate Release: 
Nov 14 2006

CONTACT: Dr. Kendra Boggess, Chair, Division of Business; Associate Professor of Business

Concord Student Wins Accounting Award

Athens, W.Va. - Bobby B. Barber from Bluefield, and a senior at Concord University, recently received the Outstanding Accounting Senior Award from the West Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants (WVSCPA). Barber competed against nominees from schools across the state. Each of eight schools in West Virginia submitted names of accounting students. Only one competitor from each school was chosen to receive the award, and these eight winners were given student membership in the WVSCPA. Barber, a stellar student, was also the recipient of the Harry Finkelman Accounting Scholarship for Concord in 2005.

Barber’s selection was based on his high grade point average of 4.0 in all accounting-related courses. His accomplishments stood out to the judges even more when he explained his situation. Barber remarked, “I work full time between two jobs (40 or more hours per week) and still maintain high academic performance.” In the essay required for application to this award, Barber said he “related this experience to the hard work and long hours normally required of an accountant.”

The process for the Outstanding Accounting Senior Award begins with recommendations from professors to the organization. The WVSCPA Recruiting & Opportunity Project Group was responsible for the award and award process. Once recommended, students were required to send to the WVSCPA office their transcripts, two reference letters, and a resume. Students also were required to submit an essay on reasons why they should receive the award; many explained in these essays how they could help promote the accounting organization on their campuses.

Along with the award, Barber, son of Patricia and Bobby Barber of Bluefield, was given student membership into the WVSCPA and will be the society's student representative at Concord from fall 2006 to spring 2007. He also will receive a plaque of congratulations and a cash stipend of $250. Upon graduation from Concord, Barber has several tentative opportunities. He says, “I plan to enter into the work field for an accounting firm or in investment banking. I also plan to begin preparation to take, and hopefully pass, the CPA examination.” Barber currently does not know if he will be staying in West Virginia when he starts his career. He has received several offers from accounting firms and is already preparing resumes.

Barber mentioned professors Tom Shelton and Bill Skeen, both in the accounting department of Concord, and credited them with his current success in the field.


PHOTO: Bobby Barber

Corrie McKee, a junior majoring in English and journalism, wrote this news release. Her hometown is Nitro, W.Va.