Retired Art Prof Establishes Scholarship for Art Students Who Show Promise

For Immediate Release: 
Jun 06 2007

CONTACT: Loretta Young, Associate Vice President, Concord University; Executive Director, Concord University Foundation, Inc.

Retired Art Prof Establishes Scholarship for Art Students Who Show Promise

Athens, W.Va. – Like seeds of a dandelion spreading, so are the hopes of artist Dr. Sheila M. Chipley, retired professor of art at Concord University. Chipley has established the Chipley Art Scholarship at Concord to provide financial assistance to a Concord University art student who shows talent.

As a woman who proclaims that art is her life, Dr. Chipley replied when asked what inspired her scholarship establishment, “I can’t believe I wouldn’t establish a scholarship in the name of art. I worked at Concord for 28 years, lived in Athens for 30 years, and sent both of my children to Concord to receive an education. I really believe in Concord. That school meets the needs of the community. If I am going to promote any school, it will be Concord University.”

Chipley justifies her belief in scholarships, explaining that art is one of those majors where you have to put a lot of time into projects outside of class: “If you have a full-time job, you can’t devote as much time to your work. A scholarship can help someone in that situation.”

To be considered for the scholarship, the student must be at least a sophomore and have maintained at least a 3.0 GPA in all of his or her art classes at Concord University. The art faculty will determine who receives the scholarship. “It’s good to have a reward for hard work,” chimed Dr. Chipley.

Chipley now runs the Dandelion Art Gallery located at 506 Lazenby Avenue in Princeton, W.Va. where many of her former students stop by to visit. “I really feel that as an artist and teacher, you have the opportunity to leave a mark on the lives of your students. It goes beyond just teaching a class. A scholarship is one more way to move art forward.”

“We encourage those who have a fondness for art to support the Chipley Scholarship by making a donation designated for this fund,” stated Loretta Young, executive director for the Concord University Foundation.


CONCORD UNIVERSITY NOTES: Kayla Ward a Concord University English graduate wrote this news release. Her hometown is Athens.