National Initiative to Serve W.Va. Students—at CU Monday, July 23 through Sunday, July 29

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Jun 11 2007

CONTACT: Kent Gamble, Director of Enrollment

Randy Shillingburg, College Summit-West Virginia

National Initiative to Serve W.Va. Students—at CU Monday, July 23 through Sunday, July 29

Athens, W.Va. – Nine West Virginia colleges and universities are currently partnering with a national initiative to increase college enrollment, ensuring that more West Virginia students who can make it in college make it to college.

The initiative, called College Summit, is the fastest-growing educational initiative in West Virginia, expanding from a program serving fewer than 300 seniors during the 2003-04 school year to a program that will serve 3,000 high school seniors during the 2007-08 school year.

“College Summit is proud to partner with these West Virginia colleges and universities to help more West Virginia students enroll in college,” said Randy Shillingburg, executive director of College Summit-West Virginia. “College Summit helps bridge the gap between high school and college for these students, and provides institutions of higher learning connect with a way to connect with students who otherwise might not enroll in college after high school. These participating colleges and universities are clearly committed to increasing college enrollment in West Virginia.”

Shillingburg said that colleges and universities participating in this initiative include: Bluefield State College, Concord University, Fairmont State University, Glenville State College, Ohio Valley University, West Virginia State University, West Virginia Wesleyan College, WVU and WVU-Tech.

College Summit will be on Concord’s campus Monday, July 23 through Sunday, July 29.

“We applaud the efforts of College Summit to expose students in West Virginia to the opportunities available to them by pursuing a college education,” stated Kent Gamble, director of enrollment. “This is a partnership that benefits the students in this region and we are proud to be a partner with this organization.”

According to Shillingburg, participating West Virginia colleges and universities will host four-day workshops this summer for up to 450 rising high school seniors from state high schools, providing the vast majority of these students with their first experience on a college campus. College Summit will bring tremendous resources to each campus – including writing coaches, college counselors, mentors and other staff members – so that students will complete the majority of paperwork necessary for college, begin to believe they have the talent to succeed in college and learn how to influence and help other students enroll in college.

Shillingburg explained that high schools, colleges and universities participating in College Summit become part of a comprehensive, college access solution that is spreading rapidly across the country. The initiative is now doing work in 10 states, including West Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina and Virginia. The comprehensive initiative includes a post-secondary planning course offered in participating high schools during the senior year, teacher training, summer workshops for up to 20 percent of a participating high school’s senior class, on-line tracking and data management tools, and on-going support from a professional staff.

Four years in a row, College Summit has been named by a leading business magazine, Fast Company, as one of the nation’s leading non-profit organizations “changing the world.”

For more information about College Summit, log onto its website at, or call College Summit-West Virginia at 304-204-4061.


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