Opportunity for Students to Study Abroad—Deadline for Application, March 15

For Immediate Release: 
Feb 12 2008

CONTACT: James A. “Jim” White, Assistant Professor of Political Science
1-304-384-6061, jwhite@concord.edu

Opportunity for Students to Study Abroad—Deadline for Application, March 15

Athens, W.Va. – “It’s one thing to read and hear lectures about parliamentary democracy, the effect of rivers on population development, and the importance of Shakespeare to the development of English-speaking and popular culture,” Dr. Jim White explained. “It is quite another thing, though, to see an original copy of the Magna Carta, to walk the halls of Parliament, to ride up and down the Thames and to tour its flood barriers, and to see where Shakespeare performed in the Globe Theatre. We do all of these things on the Concord University David R. Bard Study Abroad Program.”

Professor of History Emeritus Dr. David R. Bard started this Program, which has since been named in his honor, more than 30 years ago. Participating students will stay at Schiller University and will attend morning lectures. Through the course of the trip, they will get the opportunity to visit the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, The London Eye, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Stonehenge, and other areas of historical importance. Trips to Edinburgh, Scotland, and Cardiff, Wales, are also included in the itinerary. A trip to Paris on the final weekend is optional.

“The David R. Bard Study Abroad program is an incredible opportunity for Concord students,” White said. “Thanks to Concord’s commitment to and generous support of the program, students are afforded the life-changing opportunity to travel extensively throughout the United Kingdom.”

Students can earn up to six credit hours of political science coursework and also earn an additional two hours in special topic areas. Currently, five spaces are available.

“I’ll be encouraging Concord students to go,” he said. “The more people who go, the better; if you want to go, then we want you to go.”

The entire trip costs $5,200 with an additional payment of $500 for the optional trip to Paris. This price includes textbooks, three meals a day, and also admission to various places on the itinerary. Students will also receive an additional five pounds a day in spending money. A payment of $1,000 is due March 15. From there, a payment schedule can be worked out.

The 2008 trip will depart on Tuesday, July 22 and return to Athens on Tuesday, August 12.

“There are so many activities that you will get to do, and you will have some free time as well,” Dr. Joseph Manzo said. “You will enjoy it.” Manzo teaches geography and will be accompanying Dr. White and the students.

Those interested in participating in this year’s program should contact either Dr. Manzo (1-304-384-5204, manzoj@concord.edu), or Dr. White (1-304-384-6061, jwhite@concord.edu) as soon as possible.


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Andrea Meador a freshman majoring in English and journalism wrote this news release. Her hometown is Ghent, W.Va.