CU Students to Perform at Carnegie Hall, Friday, February 29

For Immediate Release: 
Feb 14 2008

CONTACT: Anita Moody, Director, Public Relations/Marketing

CU Students to Perform at Carnegie Hall, Friday, February 29

Athens, W.Va. – On Friday, February 29 Beckley-based band Old School Abbey will be playing at Carnegie Hall in Lewisburg. While at Carnegie, they will be recording their first live CD.

The band is made up of Dave Snodgrass, Leo Moore, Matt Gibson and current Concord students, Nick Durm and Matt Mullins both from Beckley. According to Durm, this is one of the biggest concerts to date.

“This would rank up there pretty high for us as a headlining act,” he said. “I know we are preparing and planning for it and giving 110 percent; making it our biggest show of the year so far.”

With this event fast approaching, Durm said it is a surreal experience. Yet, he said the band has had to work hard to get up to this point from touring, to promoting themselves, and to the production of their first album—“Girl Like You.”

“We toured the East Coast this past summer, and we've promoted ourselves into the ground via the Internet ( and locally as much as possible,” Durm explained. “We completely funded the production of our first album, "Girl Like You," which was received well and played by various radio stations, which helped out tremendously. It has come to the point where we all made sacrifices to get us where we are today, for the love of our music, for the love of the band.”

The show will start at 7 p.m. with an opening by “piano sensation,” Randy Gilkey. Tickets are $10 and are available by calling Carnegie Hall at 1-304-645-7917 or logging on to; look for the "Take Note Series" section.

“We love the city of Lewisburg so much that it’s almost become a second home to us,” Durm said. “Just the atmosphere and fans there make us feel so good every time we play there; it gets harder and harder to leave each time. It honors us so much that we have decided to make a live CD of the show. So needless to say we're very excited for the twenty-ninth.”



Andrea Meador a freshman majoring in English and journalism wrote this news release. Her hometown is Ghent, W.Va.